ACC Football Turnover Rates for 2008

This idea was blatantly stolen from Bird. The stats are from CFBStats. The math was done by Microsoft Excel. So I did very little work here. What can I say? Laziness is next to Godliness.

After the jump you'll find three tables. The first two look at offensive and defensive turnover rates in league games in 2008. The numbers are pretty simple, total plays are divided by total turnovers to get plays per turnover. A high number is good on offense and a low number is good on defense.

The last table shows turnover rate differential. It's offensive turnover rate minus defensive turnover rate. A higher number is good here as well.

Here are the offensive numbers. Again, these are league games only.

Offensive Turnover Rate (ACC Games Only)
School Plays TOs PPTO
NC State 487 5 97.4
Wake Forest 538 8 67.3
Maryland 522 13 40.2
Virginia Tech 600 15 40.0
Duke 517 16 32.3
Miami 515 18 28.6
North Carolina 513 18 28.5
Florida State 538 19 28.3
Georgia Tech 495 18 27.5
Clemson 516 19 27.2
Virginia 526 20 26.3
Boston College 637 26 24.5
League 6404 195 32.8

And the defensive numbers.

Defensive Turnover Rate (ACC Games Only)
School Plays TOs PPTO
Virginia Tech 514 23 22.2
Wake Forests 527 22 24.0
Florida State 490 18 27.2
Georgia Tech 507 18 28.2
Boston College 570 19 30.0
Duke 563 18 31.3
NC State 536 17 31.5
Virginia 545 16 34.1
Clemson 524 14 37.4
North Carolina 564 13 43.4
Miami 533 10 53.3
Maryland 531 7 75.9
League 6404 195 32.8

Both tables pretty much follow the final ranking based on total turnovers. Finally, turnover rate differential.

TO Rate Differential (ACC Games Only)
School Off TO Def TO TO Diff
NC State 97.4 31.5 65.9
Wake Forest 67.3 24.0 43.3
Virginia Tech 40.0 22.3 17.7
Florida State 28.3 27.2 1.1
Duke 32.3 31.3 1.0
Georgia Tech 27.5 28.2 -0.7
Boston College 24.4 30.0 -5.5
Virginia 26.3 34.1 -7.8
Clemson 27.2 37.4 -10.2
North Carolina 28.5 43.4 -14.9
Miami 28.6 53.3 -24.7
Maryland 40.2 75.9 -35.7
League 32.8 32.8 0.0

This one varies a little bit, mainly with North Carolina. The Tar Heels were No. 4 in the ACC with a 0.46 TO/game margin. However, when using turnover rate the Heels drop to No. 10. No other team varies anywhere near that much.

Turnover rate doesn't differ greatly from turnovers per game. However, I still think turnovers per play is a better judge of how well a team protects the ball or forces turnovers rather than turnovers per game.

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