BlogPoll Roundtable: I Run This Piece

CGB over at College Game Balls has been asked to host this edition of the BlogPoll Roundtable.

1. Which freshman impressed you more last weekend: the California dream Matt Barkley who quarterbacked USC over tOSU or white lightening Tate Forcier who slashed through Notre Dame? Which one would you like to have on your team? Feel free to write in another worthy candidate.

I'll take Forcier, who beat Notre Dame without Joe McKnight on his side. I'd rather have Forcier to be wasted and neglected in Virginia Tech's offense than Barkley. He's a more dynamic player and I think he'll be a better college player than Barkley. Although Barkley will likely go on to have the better NFL career. Too bad I don't watch the NFL. Give me Forcier.

2. Let's play a game of pretend the unthinkable happened. Commissioner __________ of your conference has been forced to resign after he was caught canoodling with some harlots. Great news, you've been chosen to succeed him. To make your mark you decide to make a big change. What is it going to be?

Now that Swoffy has gone and pulled a Pitino, you're all stuck with me as the Commish. First, we're getting rid of these shitty divisions. The new alignment is North-South with Wake and NC State in the North (I always liked you two better anyway) and Duke and UNC in the South. And none of this cross-divisional rival crap. Sorry, Heels and Pack, you're going to have to wait two years to play each other, just like Nebraska and Oklahoma. Quit your crying. This is football, not basketball.

Also, I'm going to play hardball with those ESPN bastards. Oh, you want to televise Duke-UNC hoops on eight different channels at once, do you? Then you're going to stop putting our conference games on ESPN360. I don't care if you're too busy choking down the SEC, make room for Clemson-TCU on one of your networks. If the Horned Frogs' game with those frogs from C'ville can get on ESPNU, so can this game.

3. This week the quality of games is kicked up a gear. Other than your own, which game are you most looking forward to?

Definitely Florida State at BYU. Oh wait. I have DirecTV, so I might as well try to watch that game on a fucking raccoon.


4. What mascot and/or tradition would you thieve from another school if it was socially acceptable.

I heart the Hokie Bird too much to trade him in for another mascot. Except maybe Keggy the Keg. But as for a tradition, I'll take this one:





The Grove in Oxford. We like to think we tailgate right in Blacksburg, but we're miles away from Ole Miss. It's a place where fans are free to set up tents and drink in public (as long as it's in a Solo cup) without the fear of the Weaver Tailgating Gestapo ruining the fun. Could you imagine if we were allowed to do this on The Drillfield?

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