Glad To Be Part of a Classy Program

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For the past few weeks I've been trolling the Boise State SB Nation blog as its part of my Hokie duty to spy on what they're saying/thinking on the inside.  The funniest thing I see is our Virginia Tech fans going over them to wish them luck and give them a fair (okay I call it fair, but its most likely still slightly biased) opinion on the upcoming game.  The ensuing comments are the hilarious part as they treat it like a Trojan Horse that will attack from the inside if they let it in because they're so used to regular college football fans slander them before each of their games. 

I think it's pretty cool to be part of one of the classier college football fan bases in the country that can enjoy the game while still wanting our team to go out there and kick the absolute crap out of the other team.   Obviously, there are still the absolute nutjobs out there, but everyone has 'em so what can you do?  But I definitely remember the games in the early to mid-2000's when our fans were probably just as big of asses as the rest of the teams were.  I think a couple of events triggered the change:
  1. Virginia Tech Massacre
  2. Jim Weaver's Hokie Respect
  3. 2008 @ Nebraska

Obviously the massacre made us realize that football's not everything and each school's compassion during that time made us realize that we really are just one big group of crazy ass college football fans that can easily bond together even though we're crazy for a different side of the ball.

As for Weaver's Hokie Respect program, even though it seemed silly at the time, and it still kinda does, I really think the initiative worked.

And finally, the Nebraska game in 2008 topped everything off.  I've yet to hear from one person who went there that those weren't the absolute nicest, hospitable fans that they've met in their entire life.  I think a lot of our fans came back realizing how refreshing it was to meet the anti-Miamis and the anti-West Virginias of the world.

Now after all that mushy crap, I think we should go over and trash talk OBNUG and tell them how bad we're gonna kick their ass.  Or tell them good luck.  It really seems to scare the hell out of them.


(and no, this isn't Jim Weaver)

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