All the Analysis A Bit Overboard, Hokies Still A Talented Team

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Only an idiot schedules a game five days after a huge season opener. That would be Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver, though he certainly didn't OK this game without approval from coach Frank Beamer (5). Which makes them both idiots. If you want historical precedent, look all the way back to last year. Colorado lost on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend to rival Colorado State, then turned around and traveled to Toledo for a Friday night game. Result: a 54-38 humiliation that all but ruined the Buffaloes' season. Or there's Florida State, which lost a 38-34 thriller on Labor Day '09 to Miami, then five days later trailed Jacksonville State 9-7 with less than a minute to play before pulling out the victory.

Quote from Pat Forde's Forde Yard Dash.  Just using it to show there's other cases of what happened and the analysis this week may be a bit overboard.

My thoughts after the jump.

Yes, this was a bad loss for VT.  Yes, this is completely embarrassing to the program right when we thought we were turning a corner.  But really this is nothing new.  We have a bad loss EVERY single season.  And this one is not that big a stretch of the imagination as everyone is making it out to be with previous evidence listed above. 

Some random (and probably completely inaccurate) thoughts on things I've heard this week--

Beamer Fired? - C'mon now.  I've been saying the past couple years he won't ever take us to the promise land.  That won't change.  But he's earned the right to keep trying to find a way to do it (even if it's not by changing anything at all -- Stinespring, O'Cain, offensive philosophy, etc...).  But he does bring us an extremely successful season almost every year.  We would all love to win a national championship and be respected nationally, but things could be worse.  We could be UVA.

Stinespring Fired - Sure this one's always valid, but this offense is no different from any the past several years.  Completely unprepared for the start of the season, awful pass blocking, and predictable play-calling.  What's new?  They'll gel, the yards will come, and if they don't they'll still control the clock and get enough to win the game.

Newsome Fired - I'm completely buying into this one.  But again, what's new?  He's had his chance to recruit better and finally get us a championship caliber offensive line.  Nothing different, but it's time to give someone else a try.

Season Completely Lost - We ALWAYS start out slow, completely unprepared, and out of sync.  It will take more than the past two weeks to convince that this team is any worse than any other of our past teams.  We still have extremely talented skill positions and a ton of talent on defense that Bud's gotta get coached up.  Yes, the offensive line is crap.  Yes the linebackers are retarded and can't tackle.  And of course, Stinespring runs a completely inept offense.  But, these are all things we've overcome before and I still expect a 9-10 win season and a good chance at the ACC title. 

Disclosure - I could be the only idiot left who believes this, the team could go 6-6, and the entire program could completely shrink to mediocrity in less than 5 years.  But I'm still going to give my completely unvalidated (and rambling) opinions on Hokie football.

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