Week 10 Preliminary BlogPoll Ballot

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 29: Darryl Dickey #11 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets celebrates their 31-17 win over the Clemson Tigers at Bobby Dodd Stadium on October 29, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Stanford survives, but Clemson and Kansas State go by the wayside. There was little movement at the top or bottom of the poll, but the middle is a complete jumbled mess.

Final ballot is due Tuesday morning, so get your questions comments and complaints in by Monday night. Complete ballot is after the jump.


  • 1-5 (The Main Unbeatens): LSU and Alabama stay where they are in preparation for next week's PAWL BOWL. Oklahoma State moves up after it had a very impressive win over Baylor and Stanford struggled in its first true road test. Boise State moves down and will probably stay at No. 5 until the TCU game Nov. 12.
  • 6-12 (The Main One-Loss Teams): Not even losing its best running back and starting QB could derail Oregon. Now that they're back, they look like a team capable of decimating the rest of the teams on their schedule, including Stanford. Slow and steady might win the Big Ten for Nebraska. Oklahoma's loss to Texas Tech might have been a fluke. The Sooners went on the road to unbeaten K-State (an underrated hostile environment) and crushed them. Meanwhile Texas Tech got decimated at home by Iowa State. Sooners still have injury issues to deal with, though.
  • 13 (Houston): Undefeated non-Boise mid-major goes here.
  • 14-20 (The Interchangables): Mix 'em up and spit 'em out. Michigan State beat Wisconsin, so Sparty goes ahead of the Badgers. Both have two losses. The Hokies have looked like crap for two consecutive weeks and got dominated by the only good team they played. Penn State moves up as much as it did mainly because other teams lost. Kansas State should probably be below Georgia. What do you think?
  • 21-25 (Whatever): This year the toughest part about filling out the ballot is finding 25 teams that deserve to be ranked. These are the five teams that this week are ranked and will probably lose sometime in the next week or two and be replaced by other mediocre teams that will do the same. Round and round they go where they stop when the season ends nobody know.

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