Looking at Some of Georgia Tech's Offensive Tendencies

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 29: Orwin Smith #17 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets scores a touchdown against Jonathan Willard #46 and Xavier Brewer #29 of the Clemson Tigers at Bobby Dodd Stadium on October 29, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

As the Hokies defense gets ready to take on the toughest offense to prepare for it will face all year, I wanted to look at how the Yellow Jackets are distributing their carries this year based on first down, second down, third down and third and short. What I found is that the Jackets will distribute their carries pretty evenly on first and second down, but the odds are the quarterback is going to be the ballcarrier on third down.

Tevin Washington QB 57 0.284 57 0.343 47 0.540 25 0.532 17 0.680
Synjyn Days QB 16 0.080 15 0.090 10 0.115 4 0.085 3 0.750
ALL QB 73 0.363 72 0.434 57 0.655 29 0.617 20 0.690
David Sims BB 65 0.323 32 0.193 5 0.057 2 0.043 2 1.000
Preston Lyons BB 13 0.065 12 0.072 6 0.069 3 0.064 3 1.000
ALL BB 78 0.388 44 0.265 11 0.126 5 0.106 5 1.000
Orwin Smith AB 18 0.090 22 0.133 8 0.092 4 0.085 4 1.000
Roddy Jones AB 14 0.070 12 0.072 8 0.092 7 0.149 4 0.571
Embry Peeples AB 15 0.075 9 0.054 2 0.023 1 0.021 1 1.000
Tony Zenon AB 3 0.015 7 0.042 1 0.011 1 0.021 1 1.000
ALL AB 50 0.249 50 0.301 19 0.218 13 0.277 10 0.769
ALL ALL 201   166   87   47   35 0.745

This table breaks down the carries by the top eight primary ball carriers in the Georgia Tech offense: The first and second string at quarterback, B-back (fullback) and A-back (slotback). The two columns on the far right represent number of third-and-short carries that were converted for first downs and the percentage.

As the Jackets get farther along in the down marker, the more and more likely it becomes that the quarterback will carry the ball. If you wanted to really over-generalize it, you could say to watch the B-backs on first down, the A-backs on second down and the quarterbacks on third down. If only it were that easy.

It makes sense that the QBs would get the majority of the carries on third down because by not handing it off to the B-back or pitching it to the A-back, your chance of committing a turnover goes way down. However, it's interesting that the B-backs and A-backs convert a higher percentage of their third-and-short carries.

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