Virginia Tech's Hosley and Wilson Seek NFL Draft Evaluations

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - NOVEMBER 26: David Wilson #4 of the Virginia Tech Hokies gestures after the Hokies game against the Virginia Cavaliers at Scott Stadium on November 26, 2011 in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)

From Andy Bitter of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/Roanoke Times:

Virginia Tech cornerback Jayron Hosley and running back David Wilson both submitted their paperwork for the NFL Draft advisory board, a group of NFL general managers and personnel directors who give underclassmen an approximate round of where they might go if they choose to put their names in the draft.

This is SOP for most draft-eligible underclassmen with NFL aspirations. Both have until Jan. 15 to enter the NFL Draft. Hosley said he is leaning toward entering the draft while Wilson is 50/50 on leaving early.

Here's Hosley from that same story:

"I'm not going back and forth or re-thinking anything," he said. "Right now my mind's set on leaving, so right now I'm just going to complete the rest of my time here to help my team win as much as I can from right now."

And here's a lengthy quote from Wilson courtesy of Sean Bielawski of ESPN Blacksburg and CBS Sports:

"I remember my first day of school, my first day of Kindergarten. I had never been to school before. It was the first time I put a book bag on with books in it. So I'm going to school, first day of Kindergarten, and I'm looking at it like, ‘I gotta do this until I'm 17.' I wasn't thinking about college at a young age. I was like, ‘I gotta do this until I'm 17. I'm only five.' I thought about how long it is. And the same thing, I said I wanted to play in the NFL when I was eight. To actually see that I'm close to it and have the opportunity, that's coming a long way. It's a good feeling to have."

Should they go? To me, Hosley should stay an extra year and Wilson should enter the draft.

Hosley was hampered by a hamstring injury for a chunk of the year and just didn't look the like the same player he was the two years prior. SB Nation's NFL Draft blog, Mocking the Draft, lists him as one of five underclassmen who should return to school. MTD says due to his decreased productivity this season, he may not be selected in the first two rounds.

Wilson, however, is projected to go high in the draft. MTD has him as the No. 18 overall prospect in the draft, and the No. 2 running back behind Trent Richardson. ESPN ranks him as the No. 3 running back and No. 26 prospect overall. Between that and the fact that the lifespan of the average running back isn't very long, there isn't much else Wilson can do individually in college, other than go after awards.

Will they go? Yeah, I think both are heading to the draft and the Sugar Bowl will be their last games in Hokie uniforms.

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