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It's been a couple of weeks, so what?

 P.S- you'll have to click 'open in new tab' to avoid getting ticked off. Yup.

1- LSU- No brainer. Although I could have vouched for these guys.

2- Bama- Beat Arkansas like it was a less impressive team with similar colors and an even bigger jerk for a coach than Saban.

3- Oklahoma- This is the reason why polls suck. Oklahoma drops below Bama even though Bama and LSU have to play and when one loses they will inevitably drop below Oklahoma who will jump ahead of the loser of that game. Unless Oklahoma loses.

4- Boise- Good team. But they’re a dead duck too if Wiscy beats Nebraska. But, oh no, please don’t drop them after they beat a mediocre Mark Richt-coached team! Or in short, a Mark Richt coached team. Expect them to hang about a billion on Nevada this weekend.

5- Wiscy- Beilema v. Pelini in the coach off with two coaches that just look like Big Ten players and also brothers and also best friends and also everyone looks the same in the Midwest.




6- Stanford- It’s clear that Luck is the story here. But does anyone even watch them play?

7- Oklahoma’s B team- Isn’t everyone just waiting for the game where they fall flat on their face because they’re looking ahead to OU?

8- South Carolina- The ‘Vanderbilt for the upset’ bandwagon was far less pragmatic than advertised.

9- Oregon- Well, when they play Stanford at least we’ll all get to watch Stanford for the first time.

10- Nebraska- A low of 38 for this brand spanking new, yet seemingly age old rivalry. Red. White. White. Red. MOAR RED. MOAR WHITE. MOAR CORN.

11- Florida- No read on the Gators. Plenty of read on Muschamp. By far the one guy you’d expect to punch a referee. Not close, no arguments allowed.

12- A&M- Texas, not Prairie View.

13- Clemson- So, Clemson jumped NINE spots. They beat Auburn who should’ve lost to Utah State. They beat Florida State who has yet to prove that they’re ‘back’ and they didn’t have their starting quarterback that game. But sure, nine spots. Good on ya, Dabo. P.S: If the nine spots were given because of Dabo's attempts at bringing back crew neck sweatshirts(yea, that’s a cotton turtleneck also), then I'll strike everything from the record. (P.S.S- Just so everyone knows, this weekend is a prime Clemson choke game from the past, we’ll see if things have actually changed)

14- Virginia Tech- Blacksburg will be supercharged on Saturday night. Kind of like they have been in the past for huge games that end up becoming nightmares. Won’t go further into this for fear of losing will to live.

15- Florida State- Lost two consecutive weeks and still in the top fifteen? ACC Solidarity well done, Furrer. 

16- Arkansas- (See ‘Alabama’)

17- Michigan- Who decided ‘quarterback’ is an efficient way to describe Denard?

18- Georgia Tech- Moved up 7 places. Ran 1 play. 0 losses. It’s math, people.

19- South Florida- Playing Pittsburgh as I type this. Not a lie, we’re productive.

20- WVU- When’s the next Gameday appearance?

21- Texas- Isn’t it kind of silly that when you type ‘Texas Football’ into Google, the first thing you see is Then the official school athletics site is next. Quick, go purchase

22- Illinois- Zookers are 4-0 for the first time in a billionty years. Hey Kurt Kittner, eat your heart out baby.

23- Arizona State- Interesting fact, this team housed USC and ends up a Baylor away from them. Not a misprint.

24- Baylor- Not a misprint. This is Baylor ahead of USC in football.

25- USC- No misprints here.

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