BlogTroll Week Two

So, Furrer is doing these BlogPolls (yea, the one word thing is ridiculous and stupid) every week. Now, it's time for the BlogTroll (yea, take that, 'BlogPoll'). And you got to pay the BlogTroll to get into that...okay never mind. *Always Sunny fans high five for that one* In all honesty, enjoy and don't take anything too seriously. This will hopefully be a weekly sighting until Furrer dismisses me from the blog.

**The links are there for your viewing pleasure, they aren't links to some stat page. Those links are the worst. (Teaser: One of them is a stat page.)

1- LSU- the Bayou Bengals move up because they played a team that fumbled the ball repeatedly from the Pac # rather than other teams that played teams that fumbled the ball repeatedly from terrible conferences. They assaulted the season-opening polls. Word choice intended.

2- Boise State- Throttled (mediocre) UGA. Peterson not only signed off on another year of Smurf Turf title game aspirations, he also signed Richt’s pink slip before leaving the Georgia Dome.

3- Bama- Week two match-up in Happy Valley awaits, it will be refreshing to see some boring uniforms after the Oregon/Georgia/Maryland fiasco.

4- Oklahoma- Not really sure why they dropped aside from the fact that they did.

5- Florida State- Actually am pretty sure why Boomer dropped, this makes it easier to type out their match-up with the Noles around the bend. What, did you think Furrer wasn’t lazy?

6- South Carolina- Spurrier wanted to start Wuerffel but Ol’ Danny wasn’t around so he went with some guy. No one knows a reason, but no one dares question Garcia leading the way for a billionty points and a comeback victory. More scoring in that game than there will be all NFL season in Charlotte.

7- Wisconsin- What a terrible opening game. UNLV looks like they were hit by Tarkanian-related sanctions.

8- Stanford- Played. Won. The 'Official Andrew Luck Injury/Terrible Decision to Return Watch' continues.

9- A&M- Possibly leaving the Big 12 for the SEC and having the opposition kick an onside kick three yards in one week is pretty much playing your cards right.

10- Oklahoma State- If week one is any indication (it’s not), the Pokes could score 732 points without Justin 'Mars' Blackmon catching one touchdown.

11- Oregon- Will probably move up steadily during the season seeing as how no SEC West teams are on the slate.

12- Nebraska- They won, right?

13- Arkansas- Beat Missouri State to stay tied among the SEC West leaders at 1-0 out of conference. Woo Pig! Soo- never mind.

14- Mississippi State- Had some players suspended but unless they could only dress four guys they were going to beat the tar out of Memphus. Bravo to also staying atop the SECW.

15- Ohio State- In an interesting twist, the NFL hasn’t suspended anyone on the Buckeyes’ team yet. More as it develops.

16- Virginia Tech Improved to a .500 win percentage in the last two years when playing against FCS teams.

17- Michigan State- Moved up one spot despite beating Youngstown State by 22 and Tressel wasn’t even there to cheat for the Penguins. Ghastly.

18- WVU- They moved up two spots, but deservedly so. They went through a long rain delay with alcohol being served at the stadium and apparently everything was okay. Could have been a dicey situation.

19-  Missouri- Man, the Tigers must have really gotten under Furrer’s skin. Oh wait, they beat Miami (OH) by just three more points than Maryland beat Miami (FL). That gets under everyone’s skin.

20- BYU- Won a game on the road in the SEC. Helped introduce some clarity into that logjam atop the SEC West non-conference records. Alas, they only move to 20 because Houston Nutt was the opposing coach. But they got in the house! 

21- Houston- If non-conference games against non-AQ conference teams were NCAA March Madness brackets, then Rick Neuheisel would be out of a

22- USC- Dropped one spot just because they continue to go for two-point conversions. So, hopefully that one reminds them that they can go for one if they really want to stop looking like idiots.

23- Georgia- Fell six spots after Boise embarrassed them. And you thought at kickoff that nothing could embarrass them more than those jerseys. COLLEGE FOOTBALL PARITY!

24- USF- DA Bulls got in but missed out on the top 23 despite almost making Brian Kelly’s head explode numerous times.

25- Air Force- Whatever.




TCU- Robert Griffin III did everything but cure cancer against their usually solid defense. But if he had cured cancer, wouldn’t Furrer leave them in due to helping with that problem? Food for thought.

Auburn- At least the fans stayed for that thrilling finish. 

SMU- That onside kick. Hopefully that warrants a drop out forever.       

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