What does the A-10 Thunderbolts Have to do With the Hokies?

The Air Force employs the A-10 Thunderbolts with one purpose in mind - to provide close air support for soldiers on the ground. It is ugly, slow, and packs heavy firepower. Its armor is so thick it can withstand arm fires, RPG, and some rounds. It is known to be a tank killer as its round from the Gatling machine gun can penetrate the tank's thick armor.[1]

What does this have to do with Virginia Tech?

It is simple. For Virginia Tech to win their division from this point forward, starting Saturday against UNC in Chapel Hill, the offense and defense are going to have support one another. The wins are not going to come easy. Defensive coordinators know the offense are not much of a threat. Neutralize the running game, force Thomas to take the football to the air, where the secondary would be on the lookout, and the offense may be toasted. The defense are going to be faced with spread offenses throughout the ACC, starting with UNC.

Larry Fedora is to UNC football as Roy Williams is to UNC basketball. Both likes to employ break-neck tempo to wear down opponents, create fatigue and create scoring opportunities.

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In order for Virginia Tech to win, they need to go back to their formula of success - starting with aggressive defense and ball-control offense. After Bud Foster's rant during the media interview after practice, it is safe to guess the defense are going to be angry. They would be playing like fires are coming out of their asses. They are going to be seeing red. Bud Foster has shown that he can made adjustments through a game. He has done that before. He will do it again.

The offense has to help out the defense, there is no denying this, and they have to sustain drives, something they have struggled since the season began in Blacksburg. Logan Thomas need to recapture his 2011 form when he was brilliant in the Miami game last season. Wide receivers need to step up their games. The offense line needs to play with a chip on their shoulder. The running backs need to hit the hole hard.

If they do that, then they have more than a fighting chance to go 2-0 in ACC play. They have been billed to be the Coastal division favorite in the preseason.

It is time for the defense and offense to support one another. It is time for the team to prove to themselves, to the fans, to critics, and to the media that the struggle are over.

The season begins Saturday.

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