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[Ed. Note: Bumped from FanPosts. Thanks again to Trevor for his quality FanPosts over the last few weeks, including this stats-intensive post.]

I decided to instead of writing an opinion about this weekend's match up versus Duke, I wanted to do some data compiling regarding how Virginia Tech is doing through 6 games.

After plugging the numbers in Excel and generating the charts, I was simply floored at how very inconsistent Virginia Tech is on defense. I think you will be too.

First up are the defenses chart through six games.


This is simply astonishing. The defense did great in the first two games, albeit that Austin Peay is one of the worst teams in division 1-A. Then the Pittsburgh game just skewed the data. Looking at the number is simply staggering and the chart shows it clearly: Somehow, Tech righted the ship after Pittsburgh, held Bowling Green to respectable numbers, but then Tech went to FedEx, and well, you all know the history.

But look at the numbers since Bowling Green. The passing defense and rushing defense simply flip flopped. I'm sure if I was to show this to Bud Foster, I would probably experience his legendary volcanic wrath!

Now, let me show you a different chart where I removed Austin Peay and Bowling Green.


The chart showed against BCS teams, Tech was slightly better against the rush until the North Carolina game, but shaky versus the pass. Again, against North Carolina, the number flipped, as alluded in the above chart. It is simply mind boggling how inconsistent the defense was.

I hear you are wondering what about the offense? Okay, I did compile data using the same approach, through six games, and only versus BCS defenses. I will let the chart speak for itself.



It would appear, from comparing the two charts for the offense, the running game is clearly struggling, while the passing game is consistent, and steady. I have to wonder what would happen if all the receivers actually hung onto the football. It also makes me wonder why in the world the offensive staff are not allowing Thomas to use his strength as a pocket passer. I also wonder what would happen if I sent this Bryan Stinespring and tell him, "Hey big boy, why don't you take a look at this data, and 'plain to me why the passing game flourishes when the running game is bogged down?" He would probably give me a long winded answer that don't mean diddly squat.

What are your thoughts, folks? Comment below. I want to hear them.

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