Looking Back and Forward

Initially, I was not going to write a review of the Florida State game, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized, I do have some things I wanted to say.

First, hats off to Florida State. They are really good. When I watched them host Clemson back in September, I marked down Florida State and Clemson as teams that could and have beaten Virginia Tech. Second, it was hell of a game, I was on the edge of my couch, literally, and on the final drive that saw Florida State catching the secondary off-guarded, I was on my feet. I had to drink a bottle of Heineken just to calm my nerves before I showered and went to bed.

Was I disappointed that Tech lost? Absolutely. I was not disappointed that they lost to Florida State, and I felt this was the best total TEAM effort I have seen from Tech. Statistically, they dominated Florida State, having their way, and they could not cash in when they had the opportunity. Bud Foster's defense did what they do best, hounded E.J. Manuel, ratcheting pressure, and backing them up toward their own end zone. Logan Thomas was lighting up Florida State, connecting with Corey Fuller repeatedly, who I thought turned in the best performance of a receiver all year long, and the running game was not going anywhere.

To be honest, I noticed from the start that Florida State was selling out against the run, and why O'Cain, play-caller, and Stinespring, offensive coordinator, failed to notice it, and make adjustment? On a 3rd down situation in the red zone, I was hoping they would have called a halfback draw out of the I-formation with Scales, but instead, they called for a Thomas' read-option, which Florida State stuffed with extreme prejudice. Instead of going for it on fourth down, coach Beamer elected to kick a field goal. We may never know if coach Beamer has confidence in the offense's ability to convert the fourth down, because he is so good at deflecting question.

Also, according to 247 VT Scoop staff via Twitter, several recruits made some last-minute appearances, and I would love to know if they decided to commit to Tech based on how loud Lane Stadium was. From the start to the end, all I heard through Twitter was that Lane Stadium was vintage- loud, hostile, and then gracious in defeat. Lane Stadium is regarded as one of the top 25 toughest places to play, and the fans made that belief true. It was so loud, Florida State left with new respect for the fans.

It was hell of an effort. Now, this coming Saturday, Virginia Tech goes on the road to take on Boston College. Their coach is a dead coach walking, and it is a chance for the Hokies to reverse their road record this season, 0-5 on the road. I'm rooting hard for them. I believe they can win.

I want to challenge fans who follow me on Twitter to start using this hash tag - #RISEUPHOKIES. I want fans to show the players we are still behind them, 1,000% and we will not ever give up on them, in spite of some of us, myself included, calling for change in the coaching staff.


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