A Challenge for Hokie Fans!

A Challenge For Virginia Tech Fans.

This season has been disappointing to say the least, but that is no reason to give up on OUR Hokies! The title says it all. This is a challenge for the fans, NOT the faithful. Because I know the Hokie Faithful already do this at EVERY Virginia Tech Football Game, no matter the opponent. This challenge is optional and I hope you agree to take it. Here’s the challenge I pose to you:

  1. When you come to Lane Stadium for the Next Two Games of the season, Show up BEFORE Enter Sandman and stay for the ENTIRE GAME
  2. When Logan Thomas and the Offense are on the field, Everyone please I’m asking nice…Be quiet so they can hear themselves in the snap count.
  3. When we are On Defense, YELL YOUR HEARTS OUT! We have two important games left. The Best Team in the ACC, and our In-state Rival. And don’t forget your keys on third down plays.
  4. Student Section: Please don’t sit when the game is being played! Be on your feet. I don’t care if it is standing or jumping. I suggest only sit during commercial breaks or halftime.
  5. If you are in the North, you especially don’t sit. I coveted the North Endzone Seats for 3 years. 3 YEARS and it pisses me off to no end that people who get those seats treat it as a social gathering to sit and chitchat. Our Hokies are basically modern day gladiators, fighting tooth and nail for our entertainment. Show them some damn support. If I see you doing this, I will look you straight and in the face and tell you to stand up.
  6. Enough Paper plane throwing. After people pick up them up off they field they can report your name and student ID number and have your tickets taken away for any sports game indefinitely.
  7. No one is getting fired before the seasons over. So stop chanting it. Trust me, Jim Weaver knows that when you only score 12 points against the 2nd worst defense in the nation, it’s an offensive problem. if You feel so strongly about the coaching problem, write letters to Jim and Frank. Chanting it shows immaturity and lack of true tenacity. Flooding the athletic director's office with well-spoken respectful letters about your true concern about the coaching situation is going to do more than chanting it at a game

If you chose to not do these things and don’t want to participate in this Challenge, then I implore you to give your ticket to someone who will. At This point in the season, all VT is Playing for is pride, so show yours! This football team deserves a better class of football fan, and WE are going to give it to them. If we can’t give the Hokies our all, then how can we expect them to give us theirs?

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