Three Things to Watch Versus Bowling Green

Hello fellow Hokies! With Virginia Tech coming off a very disappointing loss, they have to put it behind them as they are going to take on Bowling Green from the upset-minded Mid-American Conference. I am posting three things I expect to see on Saturday when Virginia Tech takes on the Falcons of Bowling Green.

Establishing the run

This is a given. The running game have been absolutely abysmal through the first three games, and it was magnified more so against Pittsburgh. Marcus Davis, the team's wide receiver, is currently the leading rusher for the offense. Those came from reverses and end around play. He paces the offense with an average of 18.0 yards. Michael Holmes, the established running back, have clearly struggled to get going as the starting back. He averages 3.2 yards per rush. Clearly, Virginia Tech would like to see the offense gain more traction with the running games. This game against Bowling Green provides them with the opportunity to flex their muscles.

Quarterbacks duel

This should be a good game for Logan Thomas to rebuild his confidence in his passing ability. He probably would like to forget about his three interceptions he tossed against Pittsburgh. However, Bowling Green's quarterback, Matt Schilz, have three interceptions to his name. Logan Thomas probably has the advantage in rushing over
Schilz, rushing at an average of 1.9 yards while Schilz averages -2.0 yards.

Defense, defense, defense

Let's not kid ourselves, Virginia Tech's defense posted their worst defensive performance in a long time, probably not since they lost to James Madison. As it stands right now, Virginia Tech's defense is 6th in the ACC in total defense. Bowling Green is 3rd in the Mid-American in total defense. The stark difference is the rushing defense between the two teams. Bowling Green is 2nd in the MAC while Tech is near the bottom in the ACC. I am sure that Bud Foster would have a conniption if the same defense showed up on Saturday as last weekend.

This game probably would start like the first three games - slow start before the offense finally get going. Logan Thomas is particularly sharp in running a 2 minute offense. This game also gives the defense the chance to come out angry, to seek atonement for their terrible showing against Pittsburgh, and to be the kind of defense they were expected to be.

What do you think? Post your thoughts in the comment section.

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