Upon Further Review...

[Ed. Note: Bumped from FanPosts. Also, thanks to Trevor for his quality FanPosts over the last few weeks.]

The offense does have an identity. Unfortunately, it is not favorable, or pleasant. They are slow. They are like a Geo Metro pulling a 24 foot trailer up a hill, puttering and sputtering, trying to pull three times it own weight with only a three cylinder engine. That is how Virginia Tech's offense are right now, and I can hear the Beamer's apologists saying, "They get better! Just wait until November!"

I am not buying that anymore. Fool me once...

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In my last post, I suggested that Virginia Tech become more assertive on the offense. It took them twenty-five minutes to make an offensive adjustment. Twenty-five! That is ghastly and appalling. Great teams do not wait until midway through the second quarter to make an adjustment. They do it on the fly. That is part of Virginia Tech's problem. This is bigger than the offensive line inability to push, create holes for the running back, or about Logan Thomas misfiring, or about Marcus Davis exhibiting frustration captured on ESPNU camera. This is on the coaches.

No ifs or buts about it.

It does not help that Beamer seem to be in denial about the offense's woes. Perception shape fans' reality, and it appears, collectively, the fans are getting frustrated with the same results each September. It does not help that O'Cain, quarterback coach and play-caller, doesn't seem to have a clue.

Virginia Tech built the program through Beamer's philosophy of strong, aggressive defense, special teams, and ball control offense. Now, I cannot help but wonder if perhaps the game has finally passed Beamer.

Florida State are making strides to return to prominence. Clemson has turned into a powerhouse within two years. Heck, even UNC might become a sleeping giant if they keep turning the program in the direction Fedora seem to be leading them. Al Golden is guiding Miami toward a possible berth in the ACC championship game if they continue to win like they are. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech seem to be a program stuck in neutral. If the fans are more than content to simply continue the 10 wins season and ACC crown, then they are well within their rights to be so.

I think that Virginia Tech deserves more. They have been recruiting well lately. I think the team has the ability to be really good.

Right now, they are not giving me or fans in general the feeling of greatness.

And that is unfortunate.

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