A horrific decision by VT with the new hires and an explanation of "why"

The x factor that caused the changes was Stinespring. The OC was Stinespring for the last 11 years. He's the guy responsible for the offensive positions coaches and their success or lack thereof. The common denominator at VT the last 11 years has been Stinespring. We've see guys like Rogers come and go. Rogers was brilliant. We've now seen O'Cain run off. O'Cain basically ran the offense for 1 season and this was in 2011. This was the one season in which Stiney wasn't in the press-box. The offense finished 35th in total O and ranked the highest ever in Stiney's 11 year run. This past year, Stiney returned to the pressbox and the results were the usual.....disaster.

The problem at VT the past 5 years has been offensive recruiting. By all accounts, it's down tremendously compared to where it was for the first 5 or 6 years in which Stiney was the OC. Specifically, we are critically weak at WR, QB, and OL. Because of Stiney's inept offensive system and horrific offenses, far to many High School Coaches and top offensive recruits in Virginia have turned away from Tech. Guys like Renner, Glennon, Boyd, Manuel, and Simms were all Virginia 4 or 5 star QB's that went elsewhere. The fact is....Stiney has destroyed VT's offensive recruiting and contrary to the myth that he's a good recruiter, the facts simply show the opposite.

Because of the above, the new hires should have included removing Stinespring from the team and Blacksburg. When I write removing him from Blacksburg, I specifically mean firing him, not demoted from OC and moved to TE's coach and recruiting coordinator. His reputation is tainted goods in the state of VA. Few High School coaches in Virginia will by into the "new" VT offensive system with the new OC because they will not believe that true change has occurred with Stiney still on staff. As for the hires themselves, 2 of the 3 were excellent. Grimes is proven and Stanford's man at the WR coaching spot is a plus for Virginia Tech. At OC, we hire a guy who is unproven and has minimal experience as an OC. All this time, there are guys with far more experience and legitimate results that we could have hired by searching and looking at teams like Sam Houston, State, North Dakota State, and Old Dominion. Our new OC hire wasn't the first choice. He was like Logan Thomas at QB. He was the backup plan. One of the 5 guys mentioned above were our primary targets over a 2 year period at QB, and VT had to move LT to TE because it couldn't recruit a QB. Why? Because of Stinespring. The same applies with the new OC and guys like Pep Hamilton and perhaps 3 others turning down VT because of Stiney remaining on staff.

Simply put, the new hires and the entire process are largely flawed because of the items mentioned above. Simply put, Stiney remains on staff and coaches, young recruits, and fans aren't going to buy it. Virginia Tech's offense will continue to be stuck in the mud because of Beamers ignorance with maintaining Stinespring. We've moved past the point of calling it "loyalty." It's now in the realm of ignorance. The consistent failure at VT over the last decade has been Stinespring, and somehow, we have gone through several different offensive position's coaches that have tons of experience, yet he remains on staff because he married Beamer's secretary, thus forming a close and personal relationship with Coach Beamer.

The above are one guy's opinion.

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