Who Will Take Erick Green?


With the 2013 NBA Draft already underway, let's take one final look into where Erick Green might be drafted and who might be taking him.

First off we'll start with the NBA's most-reliable reporter, Adrian Wojnarowski:

Wojnarowski's report seems to jive with what we've been hearing, including rumors that San Antonio has even made a promise to take Green if he falls to them at No. 28. That is not reportable, but just a rumor that has taken hold. Of course, as some will remember, Zabian Dowdell fell out of the 1st round of the 2007 NBA Draft and ended up not being drafted despite rumors of having a similar promise from several teams, one of which being the Spurs. So it's not in stone until the pick is made.

Green was invited to and did participate in the first day of the NBA Draft Scouting Combine, but did not participate in the second day (which involved measuring a player's speed, vertical jump and other athletic measurables) after this incident:

Of course it appears that Green sitting out the rest of the day seemed to be cautionary, as we did not hear anything more about this at any point since then. Green has been busy since then though, going to an unimaginable 17 different workouts:

As Mike Barber also points out, the Boston Celtics might be interested in Erick, as they have worked him out, and with a roster that looks like it will be geared towards the future, Green could fit nicely alongside current guards Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley who are good defensive guards, but struggle to shoot the ball. UPDATE: THE BOSTON CELTICS HAVE MADE A TRADE TO ACQUIRE DALLAS PICK KELLY OLYNYK.

As we reported throughout the process, Green's movement through the mock draft boards has been pretty fluid, going from not even being considered a sure thing before last season, being considered a fringe-draft player, to even hearing he could be a fringe-lottery pick a few months ago. But that talk has kind of normalized as of late. Among experts, the highest we heard that Green would be drafted was in the early 20's of the 1st round, and some of those experts who had him going No. 25 and 30 respectively a month and a half ago, now have him at...you guessed it, No. 28 to the Spurs and No. 35 to the 76ers.

So we're still hearing him as a late 1st round to early 2nd round draft choice, though many have said they now expect him to fall into the 2nd round.

For more on Erick Green's 2013 NBA Draft and Virginia Tech basketball, Gobbler Country is your best bet.

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