Virginia Tech Unranked In Pre-Season AP Poll


Virginia Tech comes in at 28th in the pre-season AP poll, while first game opponent Alabama comes in at first.

Virginia Tech will officially open the season against the number one team in the national. The Associated Press pre-season football poll was released earlier today and the Hokies were not to be found in the top 25. Virginia Tech was among the schools that received votes but did not have enough to crack the top 25. Instead, Virginia Tech will start the season 28th having received a total of 86 votes.

The poll looks as followed:

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Alabama (58) 0-0 1,498 NR
2 Ohio State (1) 0-0 1,365 NR
3 Oregon 0-0 1,335 NR
4 Stanford 0-0 1,294 NR
5 Georgia (1) 0-0 1,249 NR
6 South Carolina 0-0 1,154 NR
7 Texas A&M 0-0 1,104 NR
8 Clemson 0-0 1,083 NR
9 Louisville 0-0 1,042 NR
10 Florida 0-0 894 NR
11 Florida State 0-0 845 NR
12 LSU 0-0 802 NR
13 Oklahoma State 0-0 755 NR
14 Notre Dame 0-0 748 NR
15 Texas 0-0 677 NR
16 Oklahoma 0-0 579 NR
17 Michigan 0-0 531 NR
18 Nebraska 0-0 382 NR
19 Boise State 0-0 328 NR
20 TCU 0-0 323 NR
21 UCLA 0-0 286 NR
22 Northwestern 0-0 199 NR
23 Wisconsin 0-0 185 NR
24 USC 0-0 134 NR
25 Oregon State 0-0 129 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Michigan State 95, Baylor 92, Virginia Tech 86, Miami (FL) 85, Arizona State 53, Kansas State 43, Fresno State 36, Vanderbilt 19, Washington 17, Northern Illinois 16, Mississippi 11, Utah State 8, Georgia Tech 6, North Carolina 3, Arizona 3, Cincinnati 3, Penn State 2, Brigham Young 1

As you can notice, Virginia Tech is scheduled to play one team in the pre-season top 25. Granted, that lone team just happens to be the clear favorite to win the national championship again and the clear number one team in the nation before the season has actually started. Two ACC schools, Clemson and Florida State, made the top 25 but won't be on the Hokies' schedule due to a required ACC schedule alteration with the addition of Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the conference.

Virginia Tech isn't  unfamiliar with starting a college football season unranked in the AP poll, but it has been a rarity in recent history. The Hokies started last season unranked, but before that had been ranked for eight straight seasons dating back to 2003 when Virginia Tech was also unranked. The climb up the polls could be a rough one for the Hokies this year with injuries and a tough opening matchup against the Crimson Tide. However, being an "underdog" is something that Virginia Tech has historically taken pride in overcoming.

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