Hilarious Exchange

I was reading a thread about the GT Spring Game attendance (or lack thereof) on a general ACC message board when I came across this exchange (the names have been replaced with affiliation, and some comments have been paraphrased):

UVA fan: I hear 117 Fans rocked the GT spring game. UGa draws more than that for a women's soccer pep rally.

GT fan: UGA also draws more than that to the horticulture barns at 3 AM. Your point?

UVA fan: Maybe GT should have thrown in a science fair or a dungeons and dragons conference to boost attendance...

GT fan: Would that work as well as a Zebraz fashion show would for UVA? There were actually about 3-4K fans that were there, and NONE of them were wearing dockers, button down shirts, croakies, or navy/orange polka dot bow ties.

Duke fan: Nobody wearing a bow tie should count as an attendee at a football game, unless they are selling ice cream. If you are near a football game and wearing a bow tie and not selling ice cream you are there for something else. Sorry if this cuts the Hoos' attendance numbers by 2/3 but facts are facts.

ECU fan: Many who go to games are just there to socialize; you're going to find kids in ties at almost any southern football game. I know it's not a bow tie but I have seen Alabama fans wearing neckties to games.

Duke fan: I was talking specifically about bow ties; I am from the deep South, I have worn ties to countless college football games, I know how it is. Socializing is a part of the game. It's all fun. Bow ties are different. You should never trust anyone who wears a bow tie, unless they are selling ice cream. The bow tie wearers who don't have ice cream to sell are usually from Ole Miss and UVA. They are not to be trusted.

ECU fan: What about your friends from 10 miles away [Chapel Hill]? I've seen a lot of their greeks wearing bow ties when we've played them.

Duke fan: Do I even have to answer this? Don't even trust those guys to sell you ice cream, no matter what kind of tie they're wearing. They openly admitted that their entire undergraduate program was a fraud to avoid saying that they cheat to help their basketball and football programs. I wouldn't eat anything they were selling.

I don't know about you guys, but Duke football has gained my respect (and this is just icing on the cake!). If you want to read the entire thread, click here. (this is NOT my blog).

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