NFL Draft 2014: Q&A On Andrew Miller With Sander Philipse of Bucs Nation

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

We examine Andrew Miller's versatility and his chances under a new Buccaneers coaching regime.

First of all a huge thank you to Sander Philipse for joining us briefly to discuss rookie Offensive Lineman Andrew Miller and his thoughts around Miller and his chances to make the team. Excellent responses which are definitely deserving of one of our former Captains. Let's dig in:

Will Andrew Millers experience playing both center and guard boost his chance of making the team?

Yes, this will definitely help. The Bucs do not have a backup center at the moment, and the versatility to play multiple positions is what they're looking for in their backup offensive linemen. If Miller does well this offseason, that versatility could give him just the advantage he needs to make the roster.

How much do you think Millers leadership (as a VT captain last season) lead to the Bucs picking him?

Honestly, I wouldn't know. The previous regime emphasized finding team captains in the draft, but that doesn't appear to be much of a priority for the Bucs' new front office. That doesn't mean they don't care about leadership, though, and I'm sure the positive reviews they presumably received helped him.

Miller seams to run decently for a lineman, will he be given a shot at playing special teams?

Every backup has to be able to play special teams, and that will be true for Miller as well. Excelling there can often mean the difference between being active or inactive on game days. He'll definitely get the chance to show his abilities on special teams.

What type of Offensive Line situation did Greg Schiano leave behind? Are there lots of openings?

The Bucs blew up the offensive line this year, leaving a lot of room for an undrafted free agent to make the team. The Bucs have massive needs along the interior offensive line, with lots of question marks. Evan Dietrich-Smith is their only solid starter. Carl Nicks is still injured and his participation is in doubt, Jamon Meredith is penciled in as a starter but is hardly an overwhelming talent. Behind them, you have a mass of competition with Patrick Omameh, Oniel Cousins and Kadeem Edwards, and none of them are guaranteed a roster spot.

Does Miller look like he could have been a Schiano man? Or is he lucky for the regime change.

I don't know if there's that big of a difference between the kinds of players either regime looks for. Schiano was focused on finding players who were absorbed by football, but that's something every front office in the NFL wants, really.

Thanks again to Sander, hopefully we'll be able to check in with BucsNation to see how Miller is doing. Stay tuned for a few more of these, we aim to have one for each player who landed with an NFL team.

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