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Erick Green Wins ACC Player Of The Year


Infamous Hokie hater and former Roanoke Times Sports Editor Bill Brill once mused, “Tech will not win an ACC championship in my lifetime.” He was referring to the football program of course, which...

Baseball opens ACC play against Georgia Tech


Virginia Tech opened play in the ACC with a tough three-game series against the No. 14 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. After being walloped by the top offense in the nation to the tune of 25 runs and...

What's In Store For The Defense This Spring?


The offensive overview gave the feeling that there's renewal on that side of the ball. So what about the defense? Will they continue the tradition of lunchpail defense excellence? Perhaps this...

Virginia Tech Spring Football Primer: Offense


Tired of the cold? Tired of snow (or no snow depending on where you live)? Tired of counting down time until it finally warms up? Then stop pouting because I am here to give you some nuggets to...

How The Hokies Can Avoid Finishing Last


Despite this very much up and down (and very much down) season for the Hokies, and despite an agonizing nine-game losing streak in the heart of conference play, they still have a chance to do...

The Legacy Of Erick Green


Over the years, Virginia Tech fans have been treated to some great individual basketball players, even if it didn't always result in great basketball teams. Looking through that list of names,...

Hokies go 3-1 in Irish Baseball Classic


The Hokies headed to Cary, N.C. to take part in the Irish Baseball Classic, presumably hosted by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. You may be wondering why a tournament hosted by Notre Dame was held...

The 2013 Football Match Ups


Trevor provides a breakdown of Virginia Tech's 2013 football opponents. Who are the toughest? Who are the easiest? What will the final record be? Read and find out.

Best Conference for Va Tech?

I know there has been a lot of fear-mongering when it comes to conference realignment in the last 2 years. Much of that has originated with our neighbors to the West in Morgantown. I also realize...

The ACC Has Lost Their Collective Mind


It is clear that the ACC is not interested in having a successful Virginia Tech team this year. If that's the case, then perhaps it's time for Virginia Tech to take a hard look at the conference to...

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