2014 Virginia Tech Football Scholarship Distribution Chart

Post Signing Day / Pre Spring Practice Depth Chart as of March 3, 2014

*Also reference our Feb 10, 2014 Post Signing Day article breaking down the players:

Offensive Depth Chart Detailed Player Breakdown

Defensive Depth Chart Detailed Player Breakdown

2013 Offensive Stats:

90th Total Offense (out of 125)

105th Rushing Offense (out of 125)

55th Passing Offense (out of 125)

102nd Yds/Gm (356 Yds/Gm)

2013 Defensive Stats:

3rd Total Defense (out of 125)

9th Rushing Defense (out of 125)

7th Passing Defense (out of 125)

4th Yds/Gm (283.2 Yds/Gm)

QB (6) RB (8) FB (2) WR (12) TE (6) OL (18)
Mark Leal - rSR Trey Edmunds - rSO Sam Rogers - SO Willie Byrn - rSR Ryan Malleck - rJR Brent Benedict - rSR
Michael Brewer - rJR J.C. Coleman - JR Jerome Wright - SO E.L. Smiling - rSR Darius Redman - rJR Laurence Gibson - rSR
Brendan Motley - rSO Chris Mangus rSO Demetri Knowles - rJR Dakota Jackson - rSO David Wang - rSR
Andrew Ford - FR Joel Caleb - rSO Charlie Meyer rSO Kalvin Cline - SO Matt Arkema -rSR
Chris Durkin - FR Marshawn Williams - FR Mark Irick - rSO Bucky Hodges - rFR Mark Shuman - rSR
Travon McMillian - FR Shai McKenzie - FR Carlis Parker - SO Xavier Burke - FR Caleb Farris - SR
D.J. Reid - FR Josh Stanford - SO Augie Conte - rSO
Tabyus Taylor - FR Deon Newsome - rFR Alston Smith - rSO
David Prince - rFR Jake Willenbrock - rSO
Kendrick Holland- FR Jonathan McLaughlin - SO
Isaiah Ford - FR Wyatt Teller - rFR
Cameron Phillips - FR Kyle Chung - rFR
Jaylen Bradshaw - FR Parker Osterloh - rFR
Braxton Pfaff - FR
Billy Ray Mitchell - FR
Colt Pettit - FR
Eric Gallo - FR
Tyrell Smith - FR
DT (5) DE (8) LB (12) FS (4) ROV (3) CB (6)
Luther Maddy - SR Dadi Nicolas - rJR Derek DiNardo - rSR Detrick Bonner - rSR Kyshoen Jarrett - SR Donovan Riley - JR
Nigel Williams - rSO Corey Marshall - rJR Chase Williams - rSR DerWoune Greene - rSO Desmond Frye - JR Brandon Facsyon - SO
Woody Baron - SO Matt Roth - rJR Ronny Van Dyke - rJR Chuck Clark - SO Anthony Shegog - rFR Kendall Fuller - SO
Ricky Walker - FR Ken Ekanem - rSO Josh Trimble - rJR Shawn Payne - FR C.J. Reavis - FR
Steve Sobczak - FR Seth Dooley - rSO Deon Clarke - JR Terrell Edmunds - FR
DeWayne Alford - rSO Dahman McKinnon - rSO Greg Stroman - FR
Vinny Mahota - FR Andrew Motuapuaka - rFR
Kevin Bronson - FR Devin Van Dyke - rFR
Jameion Moss - rFR
Melvin Keihn - FR
Holland Fisher - FR
Raymon Minor - FR
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