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Hokies Escape Overtime, Beat Georgia Tech 20-17

After Monday night's crazy game between the ACC Coastal's premier programs, Gobbler Country tries to make sense of it all, as they analyze, award game balls and call out the goats of Virginia...

GT Preview: Digging Deep Into Recent History

For a preview of Monday's season opener for the Hokies and the Yellow Jackets, Gobbler Country has everything you need. A preview of the game, players to watch, important points and and a prediction.

Readying The Site For Georgia Tech

The Virginia Tech Hokies open the 2012 season with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Sept. 3. For a Game Guide with integral information for the informed (or looking to learn more) fan, visit Gobbler...

Yellow Jackets Going With Honeycomb Themed Helmets Against The Hokies


Get this one, the Yellow Jackets will be wearing Honeycomb inspired helmets against the Hokies. They are pretty minimalist, but dare I say pretty cool. Check it out.

Q & A With From The Rumble Seat

Matt Mills of SB Nation's Georgia Tech blog From The Rumble Seat participated in a Q & A session with Gobbler Country's Chris Hatcher to break down the impending matchup of ACC Coastal foes. For...

Joe Speed - Georgia Tech's Ideal Linebackers Coach?


From the US Marine Corps to leading Georgia Tech's linebacking corps, Joe Speed is the devil dog teaching our guys how to hit the other guy so hard they'll feel it "from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli!" Ok, full disclosure - I get hyped for the Marines, but, in general, I find military people tend to "get" Georgia Tech more than most. I think Coach Speed fits right in!

Official Press Release: Jay Finch on the Rimington Watch List

The following is an official press release I received from Assistant Athletic Director Dean Buchan concerning Center Jay Finch being named to the Rimington Watch List this morning. Enjoy! C...

Impact Players this Fall

Today is the release date of EA Sports' newest installment of the NCAA Football franchise. With little else going on, it had me thinking: one of the key elements to each team in the game are its...

Paul Johnson Wins More Money for Tech


When the GTAA is strapped for cash, Coach Paul Johnson doesn't whine. He mans up, gets off his curmudgeonly hind parts, and wins $125,000 for a second straight year to ease the burden. Because he had to. Because he can't stand your whining anymore. Rather than try to shut you up he'll just take away your excuses. Golf Tournament? Money. "There, now shutup and adjust the budget so I can go win football games." CPJ's legendary skills led partner Jon Barry to say the following about a clutch chip shot to secure the win: "We knew we had to make par on the toughest hole in Georgia and we got it done. It was a lot of fun." He was then beaten with a driver for not "acting like he'd been there before" while CPJ smoked a stogy and continued not to care. GT can now allocate about 100k in scholly money for other purposes (debt relief, paying the NCAA, etc.) for the second year in a row, because CPJ doesn't want to hear another word about our "problems." Just shut up and win things like he does. Go Jackets!

Georgia Tech's Simplified Visual Identity


If you agree with this article, please circulate it and elevate it to the GTAA if you're privileged with their contact information.

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