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Pac-12 schools likely to enjoy eye-popping revenue


Nutshell version: B1G = $300+ million / 12 (soon to be 14); SEC = $289M / 14; Big 12 at $198M / 10ish (half shares for new schools); PAC = $253M (less Utah, which doesn't get a full share until 2015) I'm sure that the ACC payout is comparable, however.

ACCross The Web: Harlem Shake Edition Articles


ACC Sports Journal breaks down the Harlem Shakes across the ACC. Where the hell did that song come from, anyways?

UMD to B1G in One FanShot


Welp, there goes the party. Looks like we'll be adding UConn, and ACC football will keep getting sadder. UPDATE 4:58PM: I called it. The ACC is looking at Big East teams to replace Maryland.

Notre Dame to ACC: Short Term Win, Long Term Disaster?


On Wednesday, September 12, 2012 the University of Notre Dame officially became a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. All of Notre Dame’s athletic programs, except for football, will fully compete in the ACC. Starting in 2013, all other ACC football programs will play 9 conference games each year, while Notre Dame’s football program will compete in only 5. This special arrangement allows the Fighting Irish to keep their football independence, while initiating a severely impactful culture change in the ACC. A culture of concessions and special treatment for Notre Dame will negatively impact many future situations the conference will encounter. This type of culture will weaken the ACC in the long run.

How Long Until We Add the Big East to Our Coverage?


In case you missed it, Notre Dame is headed to the ACC for all sports except football. In addition, they will play 5 ACC schools per year on the girdiron. The Big East keeps getting weaker, and considering most of what is left is the old CUSA, this is not a good sign for them staying a major conference. They may still have a few big names, but wow. You have to wonder if this changes anything related to currently planned realignment.

Notre Dame Moving All but Football and Hockey to ACC


Notre Dame is moving all of its sports except football and hockey to the ACC. It is another big blow to the Big East, and it will get the Irish a bowl tie-in with a league that will have a contractual big in the coming BCS successor system. It won't have access to that Orange Bowl bid for the champion, but it will be associated with a league that has an auto-bid to the system. That's important for prestige. And here I thought we were going to get our first year since 2009 without any major conference realignment. Notably, the release says that the ACC voted to increase the conference exit fee to over $50 million.

Notre Dame to Join ACC


Multiple sources are reporting that Notre Dame is bringing all sports to the ACC as full time members, with the exception of football, which will play five ACC teams annually. No matter how you feel about Notre Dame, their influence in the college football world is undeniable, and this is a big get for the ACC, who should be in great position to bring Notre Dame in as a complete member should they decide to end their football independence. This is also a huge final blow to the Big East going forward. UPDATE: Apparently this ups the conference exit fee to $50 million. Hi Florida State, our name is Syracuse. I hope you don't mind us putting this poster up on our side of the room. Want a t-shirt?

Syracuse is moving to the ACC in 2013


The BIG EAST Conference and Syracuse University today announced that both organizations have reached an agreement on Syracuse's departure from the BIG EAST and move to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Syracuse Has Reached An Agreement With The BIG EAST To Join The ACC After This Season


Syracuse will officially be in the ACC as of July 1, 2013 at a cost of $7.5m.

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