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It's Time For Another Round of Our Favorite Debate

Sure, engineers love to argue, but here at Tech one argument seems to be favored over all of the rest.

Paul Johnson Wins More Money for Tech


When the GTAA is strapped for cash, Coach Paul Johnson doesn't whine. He mans up, gets off his curmudgeonly hind parts, and wins $125,000 for a second straight year to ease the burden. Because he had to. Because he can't stand your whining anymore. Rather than try to shut you up he'll just take away your excuses. Golf Tournament? Money. "There, now shutup and adjust the budget so I can go win football games." CPJ's legendary skills led partner Jon Barry to say the following about a clutch chip shot to secure the win: "We knew we had to make par on the toughest hole in Georgia and we got it done. It was a lot of fun." He was then beaten with a driver for not "acting like he'd been there before" while CPJ smoked a stogy and continued not to care. GT can now allocate about 100k in scholly money for other purposes (debt relief, paying the NCAA, etc.) for the second year in a row, because CPJ doesn't want to hear another word about our "problems." Just shut up and win things like he does. Go Jackets!

GT Athletics 2012 Performance Review: Head Football Coach Paul Johnson


Head Football Coach Paul Johnson's Performance Review

Start The Trend. #AvengeNesbitt


Start The Trend. #AvengeNesbitt

Should Tech Recruiting be Judged by a Different Standard?


In light of the facts Georgia Tech's 2011 recruiting class is all the more remarkable but those who expect them to recruit a Cam Newton type player should keep several things in mind . . .

NFL Draft Announcements, Georgia Tech Football Postmortem


The Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket football program had two odd surprises last week as juniors Nick Claytor and Jerrard Tarrant both announced intentions to enter the NFL Draft this spring.

Georgia Tech Football Postmortem


Georgia Tech Postmortem: College Football Is Over And It's Time To Reflect

Comparing CPJ's Rushing Attack From 2008-2010


From the Rumble Seat tries to explain the falterings of the 2010 season...but ends up fumbling on the opponent's 6 yard line.

CPJ Button Update!


How you too can buy a Coach Paul Johnson button

Playing Paul Johnson's Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Will Wear on You


The Hokies will have extra time to prepare for Paul Johnson's offense at Georgia Tech. It's just as important that they'll have extra time to rest after facing it.

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