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Beamer Addresses Media At Day Two Of ACC Kickoff


With the coaches portion of the ACC media days (or ACC Kickoff as it has been renamed) wrapped up, we're bringing you quotes and video from the conference's season-opening football event below....

The REAL Story Of What Happened At The ACC Kickoff


The ACC Kickoff officially concluded Monday with the coaches giving press conferences and interviews to the media (the players had the first day), but earlier today the ACC Media announced its...

Is Mark Richt as Good a Head Coach as Nick Saban?

A persistent meme holds that the Georgia Bulldogs' Mark Richt "can't win the big one," while the Alabama Crimson Tide's Nick Saban is a master tactician. How do the two coaches' resumes compare?

BC-Virginia Tech Preview With Gobbler Country

Previewing Saturday's ACC football matchup between the Boston College Eagles and Virginia Tech Hokies with Gobbler Country.

The Gobbler Country Manifesto


After losing to the Cincinnati Bearcats Saturday, the Virginia Tech Hokies sit at 3-2 with big tilts against UNC, Miami, Clemson and Florida State looming on the schedule. For a look at the...

The Randy Edsel: A Product Synonymous With Failure

Unveiled in College Park, Maryland, in 2011, the Randy Edsel was supposed to surpass its competitors in terms of ACCeleration, handling and styling. Now, a quarter of the way into its second...

2012 Preseason BlogPoll


The BlogPoll is back with funny GIFs, Photoshops, and shots in the dark about teams no one knows anything about.

Frank Beamer Has Steadying Influence On Virginia Tech


This day in the life sort of feature on Frank Beamer has been circulating around the internet today to much acclaim. It outlines his struggles early on with the program, his triumphs and his resilience in life and how he has managed to avoid the national fanfare that Paterno and Bowden received despite his career record and running a clean program. There's also a pretty cool part about how he belies his competitive nature. It's a really great read if you've got the chance.

The Ultimate Boston College Football Game Series: Pool F


The Ultimate Boston College Football series continues with wins in 2003 against VT, 2004 against West Virginia and two Spaz era wins against Wake Forest and Duke

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