Virginia Tech Basketball

The Legacy Of Erick Green

Over the years Virginia Tech fans have been treated to some great individual basketball players, even if it didn't always result in great basketball teams. Looking through that list of names...


Best Conference for Va Tech?

I know there has been a lot of fear-mongering when it comes to conference realignment in the last 2 years. Much of that has originated with our neighbors to the West in Morgantown. I also realize...

Virginia Tech Basketball's Lost Season: 2012-2013

Let's face it folks. This basketball season is over for the Hokies. Many of us holding out hope that there was enough left in the tank to make a slight turnaround and get back close to .500 to...

Breaking Down 2013 Commitment Malik Mueller

Late to the recruiting party because of the situation that Jim Weaver put the staff in, and short on quality domestic options, the Hokies basketball program has once again found an overseas option...

Jim Weaver Bears Responsibility

The state of the basketball program is a mess because of Jim Weaver's firing polarizing coach, Seth Greenberg, and hiring an inexperienced James Johnson to run the program. Trevor argues why Weaver needs to retire.

Erick Green Is Not Being Snubbed

Yes, Erick Green leads the country in points per game, but that alone is not a good enough reason to be on the watch list for the player of the year award. Find out why in this op-ed piece by Trevor Greene.


Why I Think Erick Green Is A Star, Not A Hog

via [Ed. Note: Bumped from FanPosts. Thanks to Hokie Mark for this analysis. Chicagomaroon will do a counterpoint to Trevor's Erick Green post from this past weekend later this...

Making Sense Of A Season That Got Away

I wanted to publish this post after the blowout loss to Colorado State, but the Hokies, down a scholarship player (and a big least for them) were totally outperformed by a team...

Virginia Tech To Open ACC Slate With Wake Forest

This week's Q & A feature will take you for a little bit of a loop. For the first time in Gobbler Country history (I believe), we are doing a women's basketball Q & A. John Mundy over at SB...

Hokies Down A Scholarship Player With Wood Injury

A team which could ill-afford an injury, the Virginia Tech men's basketball team is now dealing with such a circumstance, as in addition to their befuddling loss to Georgia Southern Saturday, the...

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