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Virginia Tech Basketball: 3 Takeaways from the Duke loss

A microcosm of the Hokies early season - and likely what is to come.

Virginia Tech Hokies Football Final Five Things before 2020

It’s the final Five Things article for the 2019(20) season. These are sort of the final takeaways from the season and program. Some aren’t even necessarily football play related. There are going to be a lot of changes happening in the offseason. It would be nice to see some of these addressed. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech football: Is Barry Odom going to be the Hokies new defensive coordinator?

It’s starting to feel that way.

Virginia Tech Basketball: Week 5 FanPulse Results

The Hokies big upset outweighs back-too-back losses.

Gobbler Country’s Virginia Tech Hokie News Roundup: The Catch-up Edition

We haven’t had a news roundup in a while. You remember these, we start them up when we get the flurry of non-revenue sports, hoops, and baseball to cover after the football season fades into the Winter evening. So let’s take a peruse around for some news and info regarding Hokie Sports and Hokie Nation.

The SB Nation Football FanPulse Data is Up; Hokies aren’t but that’s OKAY.

So the polls are all out and the Hoos and Hokies basically swapped places. That’s fine, it’s a no pressure bowl game situation and we aren’t staring two big losses in the face. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies: Five Takeaways from the UVA Loss

The regular season is over, we are awaiting championship weekend so we get to hear what bowl we’re invited to. While that’s going on we might as well look at what we can take away from the temporary loss of the Commonwealth Cup. It’s really not all that horrible, and we will get it back. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Basketball: Previewing the Hokies’ December Schedule

Welcome back to Cassell Coliseum.

Virginia Tech football: It was a tough loss, but the future remains bright

There are plenty of things to look forward to, but these next few months are critical for Justin Fuente and the Hokies.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Virginia Takes the Cup for 2019. Lots to work on for 2020

Well, it was going to happen at some time. Caleb Farley was out with serious back spasms, and the Virginia Tech offense stalls the critical drive while tied 30-30. Time to rest, regroup, and start building for 2020.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Virginia Cavaliers: Gobbler Country Game Thread

It’s five minutes before kickoff. This games means... The Commonwealth Cup. The Coastal Division Championship. The Orange Bowl. Not a bad shot for how we started. Tune in. Join us. Comment. Be with friends on this Black Friday afternoon.

Virginia Tech vs. Virginia: Commonwealth Cup preview

Winner takes all and gets a date with Clemson.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Virginia Cavaliers: News, Predictions and Poll

It’s that time. Well, a day and a half early. Kickoff is Friday at Noon. The program has been quiet. The recoveries from the food comas of Thanksgiving 2019 are almost faded, and the Hokies are ready for the Commonwealth Cup Game. It’s for the Orange Bowl, folks... GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country Podcast: Talking Turkey about Pitt, Hoos, and Basketball

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hopefully you’ll have some time to take a listen to our big UVA Week podcast with special guest GC’s Jawhar Ali. We talk Pitt, the Hoos upcoming, and the Basketball team. GO HOKIES!!! #BEATTHEWAHOOS

Virginia Tech Basketball: Week 4 FanPulse Results

Confidence is high for Hokie Nation

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Virginia Cavaliers: Five Things to do for Victory

We know it’s not Thursday, but the game is Friday and tomorrow y’all might be in a food coma that will preclude reading things on the net. So, we’re posting this out a day early. Here are the Gobbler Country Five Things needed for Victory. Guess what THING #1 is? GO HOKIES!!! #BEATTHEWAHOOS

Virginia Tech football: 5 takeaways from Hokies’ shutout win over Pitt

Back-to-back shutouts for the first time since 2005.

Virginia Tech Basketball: 3 Takeaways from the Michigan State win

The Hokies move to 6-0 on the year with a huge result against the #3 team in the country.

The SB Nation FanPulse Poll for Week13 is Out: Hokies are Still In

The FanPulse data is still pretty raw. The graphics are being stubborn, but that doesn’t stop us from grabbing the data and building tables. Hokies show up at #24 nationally and #21 for the Gobbler Country Fan Base. Now.. back to #BEATTHEWAHOOS

Virginia Tech Hokies Jump to #23 in the Coaches and AP Polls

The Amway/USA Today Coaches Poll was out early this Sunday. We waited for the AP Poll to be published. The Virginia Tech Hokies jump into the Coaches’ Poll at #23. They also match that 23rd in the AP Poll. Back in the conversation is good. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Blow Out the Pitt Panthers: 28-0

Does a Showdown in Hooville on Friday make any sense? Does from the depths of Duke Depression to the soaring heights of the Coastal Championship Game make any sense either? Yes, it does... Hokie #LPD dominates Pitt. Hokies go to face the Wahoos for the ACC Coastal marbles.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies lead Pitt 21-0 at halftime

Big plays on both sides of the ball lead to two Hokie touchdowns.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: Gobbler Country Game Thread

It’s cold, wet, and really wet... The field is wet, the people are wet. And the crowd looks like it’s going to be piled up into various sports viewing establishments. Pitt and Tech are ready to play. It’s going to be a tough smashmouth football game. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: News Bits, Predictions and Poll

It’s Game Day Morning. Blacksburg has put on its Bleaksburg colors and temperatures. Pitt rolls into town to face our Hokies. Both teams need the win to get a shot at the Coastal. Both teams are on a roll. Will the elements affect the game? We’ll see. Comment, take the poll. GO HOKIES!!!

Pittsburgh vs. Virginia Tech: Complete game preview

Hokies are two wins away from winning the ACC Coastal Division. Pitt’s defense is a major test.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies pick up another commitment on Thursday evening

South Carolina OL Parker Clements is a member of the class of 2020.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: 5 Things for Victory

It’s time for the five things, and one of them is you. Hokie Nation is in Thanksgiving bugout mode. It’s a critical game, It’s going to be tough and bad weather. This team needs its 12th man. GO HOKIES!!!

Hokies Basketball: 3 Takeaways from the win over Delaware State

The Hokies catch fire from deep.

Basketball FanPulse Week 3 Results - Hokie Nation is feeling confident

Hokies are feeling confident after Lehigh.

Virginia Tech Soccer: Men’s Team Makes 4th Straight NCAA Tournament

Hokies get a bye into the second round.

Gobbler Country Podcast Reviews the Georgia Tech Game and Peeks at Pitt

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Reviews the Georgia Tech win, and then opens the door to #BEATPITT Week. Join us. Comment. (plus our secret weapon gets special mention)

SB Nation FanPulse Poll for Week 12: Virginia Tech Hokies are at #24

FanPulse is a bit late, but no less grand in its results. It seems that the Hokies have attracted SB Nation fan interest. We poll at #24 and shows up for the 2nd week in a row. That’s fine with us. But old news. Time to #BEATPITT


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