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Virginia Tech football: Watch Hokies QB Kyron Drones find WR Da’Quan Felton for a touchdown

The best offensive play of the season.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: News Tidbits and Predictions

Now is the time to review the news and announcements surrounding the game this evening. It’s the struggling Hokies against the flailing Panthers in a contest of pure pride and season rescue. Can the Hokies pull this one off? GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech vs. Pittsburgh: How to watch, listen, live stream and odds

Here’s how you can follow along on Saturday night.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: The Preview

There aren’t too many teams left of those we have a decent shot to beat, but surprisingly, Pitt is one. Nardo is struggling this season, and his desperation is probably equal to the Hokies’. This could be a real fist fight of a contest on Saturday. GO HOKIES!!!

Re-evaluating the Virginia Tech Hokie Risk Chart After Four Games

It’s time to look at the chart for the next 8 games and get a better idea of where the Hokies might be at the end of the season. It’s not looking so hot. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Women’s Basketball Publishes Their Conference Schedule

Well, we’ve seen the 2023 November to December non-conference schedule for the ACC Champion, NCAA Final Four finishing Hokie Women’s Basketball Team. Coach Brooks and staff have now published the 2024 conference schedule. Real challenges that all can be met and defeated. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Football: Big Show and No Go - Where are the Horses?

It’s giving me a serious headache to review the game, but we need to take some stock in the situation. Bryan had his say, I guess I’d like a crack at it, too. Getting to the nature of the problem. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: Another sad day for the Hokies

Another disappointing day for Virginia Tech. How much worse will it be before it gets better?

Virginia Tech football: Hokies fall to Marshall 24-17

Virginia Tech is now 1-3 on the season.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Virginia Tech trails Marshall 17-10 at halftime

Another ugly half of football for the Hokies.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Marshall Thundering Herd: News, Tidbits, and Predictions

Time for the staff to tell you how they think that it’s going to go, and some news items to go along with them. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Marshall Thundering Herd: Preview

Under normal circumstances we’d be writing about a home game with Marshall in Lane... not Huntington. The times are no longer normal, and neither are the odds in this one. Big hill to climb on Saturday. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: Freshman QB Pop Watson suspended indefinitely

Brent Pry said Watson is suspended for a violation of team rules.

Virginia Tech football: Brent Pry’s QB decision should be an easy one

And it should be Kyron Drones.

Virginia Tech football: Marshall opens as favorites over the Hokies

The Hokies last lost to Marshall in 1940.

The Hokies vs. Scarlet Knights Fallout: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Saturday afternoon at roughly 5:00 pm, as halftime led to chili and conversation, it was obvious that the Hokies were struggling, and Rutgers wasn’t. It was just a matter of time, and the dam broke in the 4th quarter. Let’s go over the good, bad, and ugly of this one. GO HOKIES!!!

Rutgers Scarlet Knights Defeat the Virginia Tech Hokies: 35-16

It’s a wrap, and went pretty much as predicted. Hokies drop their 2nd B1G game and 2nd game of the season in a ground pounding blowout. The good news is that Kyron Drones started the game, finished it, and was responsible for a good deal of the Hokie offense.

Virginia Tech Hokies Trail the Rutgers Scarlet Nights at the Half: 21-3

Kyron Drones gets his first start. It was a shaky first half with some good news here and there, but turnovers hand the Scarlet Knights points, and the Tech offense is still ineffective inside the 10. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Rutgers Scarlet Knights: News, Tidbits, and Predictions

Well, it’s Saturday morning, time for a bit of the week’s football news, and the GC Staff predictions for the game this afternoon. Things are in flux, and what was known may not be known, now. One thing is for sure, this is going to be a tough game that the college football world thinks will slip by the Hokies. Hopefully they are wrong. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Rutgers Scarlet Knights: Preview

Looking at the week 3 contest and the 2nd with a B1G opponent, Rutgers. This time the Hokies travel to northern Jersey to visit in what could be weird conditions. The Hokies are wounded and the Scarlet Knights are 2-0. Take the Poll it’s going to be a tough game. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech vs. Rutgers: How to watch, listen, live stream and odds

The Hokies and Rutgers last played in the Russell Athletic Bowl in 2012.

Virginia Tech football: Brent Pry gives updates on some injured Hokies

The Hokies are dealing with some key injuries ahead of Week 3.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Purdue, Nature, and Inertia: Good, Bad, and Ugly Extra

With few pictures and most of the game on TV because of the storm and 5-hour delay, we churn up a Good, Bad, and Ugly Extra to review the game’s major issues not covered by Bryan’s takeaways. This one wasn’t easy. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech football: 5 takeaways from Hokies’ 24-17 loss to Purdue

A lot of concerns coming out of Saturday’s loss.

Virginia Tech falls to Purdue, 24-17

The Hokies came back from a 17-0 deficit and fall short.

Virginia Tech Hokies Come Back to Tie Purdue: 17-17

The rain delay made a mess of everything, and maybe got the Tech players a chance to figure out that they were in serious trouble. Because after a slow start Tech comes back to tie Purdue at the half. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: WR Ali Jennings injured in 1st quarter vs. Purdue

Jennings’ left foot was in a boot.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Purdue Boilermakers: Tidbits and Staff Predictions

Tomorrow at noon, there will be thunder and lightning in Lane. Will that be nature or the team and the crowd? Let’s see, we’ll still show the prep information and our predictions, but wow is the weather looking bad. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Purdue Boilermakers: Preview

It’s a noon game on Saturday as the Boilermakers of Purdue come to Lane for an early Saturday contest between the B1G and ACC. The weather isn’t looking too good. The teams are very evenly matched, and the odds are close. Take the Poll. Let’s talk about it, first, though. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: Previewing Purdue with the enemy

We preview this weekend’s game against Purdue with out sister site, Hammer and Rails

Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball Announces Their Fall Non-Conference Schedule

With all of the football excitement, let’s not forget that Liz, Cayla, and Georgia are going to be back at it starting in the first week of November. It’s going to be an exciting season, and the non-conference schedule that was announced, today, has some huge challenges. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie Football Mid-Week News Roundup

Looking at the football news and announcements. Some good news meets some really disappointing news about a key player. Let’s check in and do rounds. GO HOKIES!!!!


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