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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #5-3

The football team is getting ready for a road trip to Norfolk, and the Men’s Soccer team gets ranked. The sun is out in Blacksburg, and things are drying out a bit. We take a tour of the Wednesday sports world from the New River Valley.

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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #5-2

Men’s Soccer Returns to Their Winning Ways, VT Wrestling Turns Heads Internationally, and a Couple Hokies Meet Up in the NFL.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs Old Dominion Monarchs: Early Preview

We take a first look at the ODU game. The importance of a win in Norfolk is more than just an additional ‘W’ and some major stats upgrades. First, a win is not guaranteed, it would be foolish to count on it. Second, this is in the 757, and our first chance to really show our stuff for the Tidewater Hokies, and the rest of the 757. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #5-1

Florence is just about blown past as a very wet tropical depression. There is water everywhere, and the activity level of Virginia Tech reflects the somberness of the weather. The Volleyball team lost a match, the Women’s basketball team is ramping up practices, and football is getting ready to head to Norfolk to play ODU.

ACC Rankings Week Three

Three ACC teams were idle due to Hurricane Florence, but the conference is starting to settle out.

Virginia Tech Hokies Ranked 10th in the Coaches’ Poll Stays Put at 13 for AP

The College Polls are out, and suddenly the Hokies find themselves in the Coaches’ top 10 at #10. Warning folks, BC is ranked 25, undefeated, and will be visiting Lane in the midst of a tough ACC run. We stay put at 13 for the AP Poll.

5 Thoughts on Virginia Tech’s Basketball Schedule

Offering early food for thought regarding the Hokies’ basketball schedule.

Gobbler Country Takes a Look at the Day’s College Football Results

So, Jay suggested some games, let’s take a look at what sorts of results we’ve had besides an empty Lane stadium and a trip to Hobby Lobby to get some Fall and Christmas decorations.

Five Games To Watch Today

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #4-4

The Kids are Alright- And Here to Stay

Celebrating what looks to be a young and talented Hokies roster...I know, optimism from me, right? Go figure.

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #4-3

The storm has sure quieted things down. Lots of scrambling around, looking at schedules and seeing if opponents can be lined up in open slots. We aren’t the only programs looking to do some schedule changes to make up a game. Big storms can do that.

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #4-2

Well the world suddenly went quiet on the football front, but that hasn’t stopped the men’s soccer team, and volleyball from both notching convincing wins.

A View from the Sidelines: Virginia Tech vs. William and Mary

There were some great picture opportunities for the game on Saturday. Here are some highlights, and the rest will be on our Facebook page. GO HOKIES!!!!

ECU Cancels the Hokies vs. Pirates due to Weather Concerns

East Carolina has decided that they aren’t going to travel to Blacksburg for Saturday’s game. There was a glimmer of hope since the storm track is showing that the storm will ablate quickly and head west from the coast instead of north west, but it’s not hard to understand the school’s concern - ECU is already closed and evacuating.

Virginia Tech football: 5 takeaways from Hokies win over William & Mary

The Hokies defeated William & Mary 62-17 on Saturday.

Virginia Tech football: Could this weekend’s game be in jeopardy?

Hurricane Florence is coming.

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #4-1

It’s quiet and the world awaits the storm. The big news update is that the Hokie Women’s soccer team just wrapped a 2-0 victory. The Football team and Volleyball team have some news, and men’s soccer has a very slim chance of playing their games as the storm approaches. FLORENCE is the big news.

ACC Rankings Week Two

Virginia Tech football: Young players ascending into major roles for the Hokies

The Hokies are getting contributions from a host of first and second-year players.

Virginia Tech Hokies: AP drops 1 to 13, but Coaches up to 11

The AP and Coaches polls are out, and the Hokies zigged in one and zagged in another. We are down 1 and up 3. That’s not unexpected in the early season. GO HOKIES!!! BEAT ECU!

Virginia Tech Hokies Defeat William & Mary Tribe, 62-17

Virginia Tech football: Hokies Up Big on William & Mary at the Half

The Hokies lead 38-7 at halftime.

Official Game Thread: Hokies vs. The Tribe

It’s Jimmye Laycock’s last visit to Lane Stadium. It’s going to be a fun game. LET’S GO! HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. William&Mary Tribe: Predictions

It’s time for the predictions. There is a whole lot of wiggle room here. Everything is a factor. Nothing should be left to chance.

ACC Rankings Week One

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #3-3

It’s a cooling wet and bumpy Friday evening in Blacksburg.

Five Things to Watch For: William and Mary

Time for the next game, everyone, and the Hokies head back to Blacksburg to take on the William and Mary Tribe

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #3-2

It is really quiet. Tomorrow the Men’s Soccer Team goes to Hooville for the first Hokie Wahoo contest of the season. There are some goings on and comments on football issues. But Blacksburg is really quiet today. Good time to prepare. GO HOKIES!!!!

Hokies Can See Off a Second Virginia Legend: Jimmye Laycock

Even though this is from a Hokie, I want to congratulate William and Mary head coach Jimmye Laycock on a long and successful college football coaching career.

Virginia Tech football: 5 Takeaways from Hokies Win Over Florida State

Bud Foster’s group was fantastic Monday night.

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #3-1

It’s time for a round up of Hokie sport and campus interest. We know that that there was a significant event on Monday, and we’ll see a little fun with that, but there were other teams in action and we’ll have to update you on those things, too. Men’s soccer is ranked #21! The volleyball team is 6-0! GO HOKIES!!!


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