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Virginia Tech football: Can the Hokies win their final two games to get bowl eligible?

The bowl streak is in major jeopardy.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

ACC Rankings Week 11

Clemson is king but the rest of the ACC is near unrecognizable.

Pitt Summary: Welp. That happened.

I hate getting run over.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Pitt Panthers: Gobbler Country Game Thread

It’s game time. 3:30 at Heinz Field in the cold snap of mid fall for western Pennsylvania. The weather isn’t much different from the New River Valley Plateau. Will Tech show up and play a full game? Will Pitt grind us out? Let’s see.

Virginia Tech basketball: Hokies defeat Gardner-Webb 87-59 in opener

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: Staff Predictions

This is not going to be an easy trip down chrystal ball alley. Every game is must win, at this point. This team finally has to play a full game. Pitt is beatable. We need to know that.

Virginia Tech football: A closer look at Pitt

The Hokies haven’t fared too well at Heinz Field over the years.

Gobbler Country’s Virginia Tech Hokies Evening News Round Up #12-3

Women’s basketball kicks of their season with win, softball releases their schedule, some NFL Hokies meet up, and the the VTvsPITT pump-up video is out!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: Preview

Saturday at 3:30 the Hokies take to the "Big Ketchup" and face off against the Pitt Panthers. It’s going to be a tough game. It’s always a tough game with them. The outcome is totally unknown except that whatever comes out is going to be banged up even more than when it came in.

A View from the Sideline: Hokies vs. Boston College Pt. 2

Here are some of the best 2nd half pictures. There are lots more, but in reviewing them I started to get sort of upset. This is a game that we could have won. It was really that close up until the offense going into nibble and panic mode.

Virginia Tech Hokies Football Does Have a Few Bright Spots

We can drone on about how disappointed we are, or how painful the season is. That’s not untrue reporting. It’s also not really completely reflective of the big picture, though. There are some really bright spots and some excellent future Hokie performers who are contributing their talents, now. We should recognize them, and look to a bright future that they will lead.

A View from the Sideline: Hokies vs. Boston College Pt. 1

Here is the good half, the first half. Hokies played pretty well for most of the first half of the game, though we should have had 21 instead of just 14. Painful... But the day was beautiful and the pictures were interesting.

ACC Rankings Week Ten

Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #12-2

Time for a Monday trip around the Hokie Sports Scene. The Women’s Soccer Team got great news, and Some Hokies in the NFL Showing up.

Virginia Tech football: 5 takeaways in loss to Boston College

Injuries continue to mount as the season winds down

Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #12-1

There were other goings on, and we have some updates on the squad after the BC Game. The Men’s Soccer Team drops the big quarter final game to UNC. Volleyball wins at home over BC. The basketball team makes a contribution to hurricane relief with Liberty University.

Virginia Tech Hokies Fall to Boston College Eagles

Virginia Tech football: Hokies lead Boston College at the half

Solid bounce-back from the far.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Boston College Eagles: GC Game Thread

It’s Game Time. Kickoff for the rest of the season! GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Boston College Eagles: GC Staff Predictions

Well it’s that time when we try our best not to be wrong, or wish that we are going to be. Predictions at this point are mostly wishes or nightmares wafting on the breeze... And the poll... don’t forget the poll.

Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #11-3

Catching up with the general Hokie Sporting events and news. Big news for the Men’s Soccer Team, the uniform reveal, and some other goodies for us before Homecoming.

Virginia Tech football: A closer look at Boston College

The Boston College Eagles actually rank No. 22 in new CFP rankings.

Gobbler Country Hokie Round Table: What Needs to Change?

This is the final post of this series. There are three more games before we get to Thanksgiving Friday, and the Hoos. This program is misfiring and flailing. We already said that there needs to be some leadership re-evaluation. So, what sort of change? And the final Question... Everybody knows.

Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #11-2

ACC Rankings Week Nine

The Cavaliers look the class of the Coastal, Clemson continues its domination, and the Hokies’ woes are piling up.

Gobbler Country Hokie Round Table: Is Lane Stadium Losing Its Intimidation Factor?

We are sporting a losing record at home this season. What gives? The crowds are quieted, and disappearing early. The show is hyped and thunderous, but then it’s over. What gives?

Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #11-1

There have been more than a few items for the roundup this week. Both Women’s and Men’s Soccer Teams had problems with their final matches but were seeded in their respective ACC Tournaments. The women’s team dropped their opening match to UNC, but there is still NCAA hope for them.

Is the Hokies’ Performance Talent, Coaching, or Scheme Related?

So, we previously talked about some of the issues that have been handed to Justin Fuente. There are a few impolite terms for the things that he has faced this season that would derail most programs’ seasons. This time we are looking at the operational factors from players, coaches, and their schemes.

Gobbler Country Hokie Round Table: Is There an Issue with Coach Fuente?

This is a pretty legitimate question that needs to be answered. Sure, it’s some speculation but there are some solid things to point to that make you wonder. Let’s look at some observations on what could be with the Hokies Head Honcho.

Virginia Tech Hokies Football and Bitter Disappointment

What a disappointment, and not an innocent one, either. This was bitter and very hard to take. Virginia Tech’s performance against Georgia Tech is the story of this season writ large. This is the first in a series reviewing the season to date, starting with the disaster of October 27th.

Virginia Tech Hokies Fall To Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

The Hokies hosted the Yellow Jackets during a chilly Thursday night.

Hokies trail Georgia Tech 28-21 at halftime

The first half featured plenty of offense and mistakes by the Hokies.


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