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2009 Virginia Tech Football: What to Watch vs. Duke

The Team

  • The Hokies can't look past the Blue Devils. They're coming off three tough games in four weeks and the natural instinct would be to let up this week. Hopefully the coaching staff and captains won't let that happen.
  • There should be a lot of Orange and Maroon in the stands at Lane Stadium South.

Virginia Tech Offense vs. Duke Defense

  • The key to this week will be consistency. The Hokies can't be up and down from game to game like they have been in recent years. Hopefully Bryan Stinespring has realized the key is to just get out of his offense's way.
  • Look for David Wilson to get a lot of carries this week. Wilson needs to get into a groove before we get into ACC play.
  • The Blue Devils actually do have a solid defense, as we learned last year. But if Tyrod Taylor can avoid turnovers unlike last year, this should be an easy win.
  • Why yes, I am being very lazy with the W2W this week, why do you ask?

Virginia Tech Defense vs. Duke Offense

  • Joe Ovies may say there isn't a QB controversy in Durham, but I still think you'll see both quarterbacks. Whichever one has the hot hand is the one that'll get most of the snaps. My guess is that'll be Thad Lewis, who has face Bud Foster's defense twice before and will be able to handle the pressure.
  • Duke has had a serviceable passing game the past few years, but is light years away from having a good ground game. The Hokies should have no problem shutting down the Devils' rushing attack, forcing passing downs and then pinning their ears back to go after Lewis/Sean Renfree.
  • Look for younger guys like Jayron Hosley to get a lot of playing time. It's important for the Hokies to get up early so they can build depth.
  • Until Duke can put together and adequate offensive line, it won't be able to compete with Virginia Tech. The Devils had the defense to compete last year, but were unlucky that Lewis wasn't able to go.


  • My prediction? Pain.

Watch the Box Score For:

  • Duke rushing yards
  • Turnovers
  • David Wilson carries
  • Duke sacks

Virginia Tech Players to Watch:

  • 5 - Tyrod Taylor, Jr., QB
  • 4 - David Wilson, Fr., RB
  • 20 - Jayron Hosley, Fr., CB
  • 82 - Steven Friday, Jr., DE

Duke Players to Watch:

  • 9 - Thaddeus Lewis, Sr., QB
  • 26 - Donovan Varner, So., WR
  • 3 - Vince Oghobaase, Sr., DT
  • 31 - Vincent Rey, Sr., LB

Final Score:

Virginia Tech 34, Duke 10