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Adventures in Gambling 2009: College Football Week 5

Every week I'll give you my picks for five ACC games and five matchups around the country. Lines are from The Spread. Gambling isn't encouraged or discouraged, but if you're using my picks as your lone resource, well, you're gonna get what you deserve.

ACC Games
(My picks listed first)

NC State +1 at Wake Forest
Clemson -13 at Maryland
Florida State -5 at Boston College
North Carolina -13 vs. Virginia
Miami +7 vs. Oklahoma

National Games
(My picks listed first)

Michigan +2 at Michigan State
Air Force +3.5 at Navy
Cal +4 vs. USC
Syracuse +6.5 vs. South Florida
Cincinnati -29 at Miami U.

Bye, bye, money! I feel comfortable with exactly not a damn one of these picks.

Last Week

ACC: 3-2
Correct: NC State, Boston College, Georgia Tech
Wrong: Maryland, Clemson, 

Natl: 2-3
Correct: Southern Miss, Texas Tech,  
Wrong: Cincinnati, Arizona, Louisville

Year to Date

ACC: 11-9
Natl: 9-10-1
Total: 20-19-1