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Help Virginia Schools Through the Social Media Challenge

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Gobbler Country is participating in the Social Media Challenge, along with several other SB Nation blogs. The goal is to raise money for public school students around the country, including the Great Commonwealth of Virginia.

Click here to get started and help out a school near you. There are several to choose from and you can select a school based on location or by what they need. If you want to give to a school in Halifax County, you can. If you want to give to a school that needs sports equipment for recess period, you can.

I like this concept because it allows the donor to choose how their money is used. So far the only other ACC blog to join is Carolina March. I think we should be able to at least be tops in our league and it would be even better if we could give more than the likes of Nebraska blog Corn Nation and our friends over at Buffalo Sabres blog Die By The Blade. It's about braggin' rights and helping Commonwealth students in need.

Let's get to it! I've started things off by giving $20 to a class in Virginia that needed basic school supplies like pencils and construction paper. Every little bit helps.