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Virginia Tech 48, Boston College 14: Postgame Stream of Consciousness

What do you say about a game like that? It was a complete effort in all three phases of the game. There were a few teachable situations for the young players, but the Hokies again played the way we thought they could at the beginning of the season.

  • First Star: Nekos Brown. We came into the game thinking it would have to be DE Jason Worilds who would have to have a good day for the Hokies to be successful. It was the other DE, Nekos Brown, who had a big game. Brown had four tackles and a sack today for the Hokies and had an even better game than Worilds. Brown had a remarkable game and seemed to be in the backfield throughout.
  • Second Star: The Offensive Line. Ed Wang and the bunch had a great game blocking for Ryan Williams. The combination of Wang at LT, Greg Boone at TE and Danny Coale at WR opened huge holes for the running game. The run blocking was phenomenal against a solid BC defense.
  • Third Star: Tyrod Taylor. He was 7-for-10 for 126 yards, 2 TDs and no interceptions. Whenever it seemed like the Hokies needed a first down, Tyrod delivered.
  • How about the offensive play calling in the first half? We thought BC was starting to sellout on the run on 1st and 10. So what did Stiney do after a turnover? He ran play action and the result was a 41 yard TD pass to Boykin. It's quite possible that Bryan Stinespring has learned to trust his offensive players to run plays like that and to just get out of their way.
  • The defense was incredible in the first half. Shinskie ended his day 1 for 12 for four yards. He had never seen a defense like the one Virginia Tech threw at him. Between the pressure from the line and the coverages the secondary threw at him (as BCO noticed) Shinskie had no chance. Most of the day can be credited to VT's D. However, the pump-fake pick-six was all on Shinskie. He couldn't handle the pressure and the environment.
  • Ryan Williams averaged 8.8 yards per carry. Incredible. Great job by the line, by the fullbacks and by the wide receivers to open huge holes for him all day. He finished with 159 yards and a touchdown.
  • There were plenty of teachable moments in the second half as the defense kind of relaxed against BC's offense.
  • Ju-Ju Clayton wasn't very good in the second half. Hopefully Logan Thomas is our next quarterback after Tyrod departs Blacksburg.
  • I really hope this isn't the apex of Virginia Tech's year. If there is an apex, hopefully it comes next week against Georgia Tech.
  • We're in a lot of trouble next week if the defense and offense thinks it's as good as it was today. Don't believe your own hype. We will need a similar performance to beat the Yellow Jackets. Just because you destroyed BC doesn't mean there isn't a sense of urgency against GT.
  • The Yellow Jackets are still a great team and we will still need a great performance on both sides of the ball to win that game.
  • Also, don't discount Boston College because of today's performance. It had freshmen quarterbacks in a hostile environment against a pass rush that was as good as it's ever been. The Eagles will still win a lot of conference games and are still a force to be reckoned with in the ACC Atlantic. Unfortunately, they ran into a buzzsaw today.
  • I liked a lot of things I saw today. But I will like them a lot more if we repeat them in a very hostile environment next week against Georgia Tech. A lot of people are sold on this team. I'm close, but I won't be completely sold until we put together a complete game on the road against a team like the Yellow Jackets.
  • But, until next week, I'm feeling really good about this team. What a great performance and what a great win for the Hokies!