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Virginia Tech 48, Boston College 14: What They're Saying

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Virginia Tech put together its second consecutive complete effort at home, dispatching of Boston College and the Eagles' regular season dominance over the Hokies. I stayed home for this one, making Tech 4-0 when I'm not in attendance and 0-3 when I go to the BC game since joining the ACC. You're welcome.

National Bloggers

Virginia Tech's offense the missing link (Annette)
"The Hokies have done that this year by beating two nationally ranked teams in Nebraska and Miami and head into Saturday’s game in Atlanta on a five-game winning streak. They’ll enjoy this one, though, until 6:45 a.m. on Monday when they get their Georgia Tech packets handed to them in their team meeting rooms."

Superlatives (Dr. Saturday)
"Most Likely to Succeed: Speaking of crushed dreams, Boston College has been a relatively reliable ruiner of Virginia Tech's hopes over the last few (regular) seasons, but the Hokies made sure there was no chance of that on Saturday, rolling up a 34-0 halftime lead on the way to an easy 48-14 win. VT appears to have found the right mix on offense with mobile quarterback Tyrod Taylor and workhorse running back Ryan Williams; between that and a defense that's regained its old equilibrium (the Tech D held the Eagles to only two first downs and 28 yards through the first three quarters), the Hokies' stranglehold on the ACC looks just as strong as ever."

Hokie Beat Writers

With Win vs. BC, Hokies Look to Georgia Tech (Mark Viera)
"But the Hokies know they know have a difficult task. Quoting defensive coordinator Bud Foster, cornerback Rashad Carmichael said the Hokies would need to bring "our big-boy pads for Georgia Tech." He meant that Virginia Tech would receive a challenge and need to play physically. And the Yellow Jackets are particularly difficult to prepare for because of their rambling option offense."

Hokies' play meets lofty ranking (Aaron McFarling)
"This is how top-5 teams behave. They don't survive; they shred. They don't dally; they demolish. When a team comes in overmatched, they step on them, not around them. They embarrass their opponent and move on. If you're a Virginia Tech fan, your heart should be thumping today. Your team finally joined the marauders' club -- with no rain, no flags, no potential game-changing drops to cloud the result. Tech's 48-14 win over Boston College on Saturday left coach Frank Beamer scanning his memory for a more complete performance from his team, and he couldn't find the answer quickly."

Virginia Tech's steamroller Saturday (Randy King)
"Extracting some serious payback for three straight regular-season losses to BC, fifth-ranked Virginia Tech came out swinging, connected early and often, and tagged a 48-14 whuppin' on the punchless Eagles at Lane Stadium."

Holy Offense (Kyle Tucker)
"Offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring is suddenly putting it all together in a big, big way. This bodes very well for the Hokies, especially if Bud Foster’s defense continues to play as it did Saturday ... when Tech allowed BC an average of five INCHES per play in the first half. What more is there to say? With a little let-down on the road against Duke sandwiched in between, the Hokies have come up huge in wins over Miami and BC. In both games, they’ve looked like kings of the ACC and legit national title contenders."

Virginia Tech 48, Boston College 14 (Darryl Slater)
"In a 48-14 win at Lane Stadium, the Hokies performed like the nation’s fifth-ranked team – something they didn’t do in last week’s 34-26 victory at Duke. They entered the regular season’s midpoint with a 5-1 record (2-0 ACC) by essentially ending the game in the first half, after which they led 34-0. Their defense made the Eagles’ true freshman quarterback, Dave Shinskie, look like a man who, before this season, hadn’t played football since 2003. Which is exactly what he is. Their offense again converted enough long plays – eight of 20 yards or longer – to look like a more complete and competent group than the one that floundering for the past three seasons. Which is exactly what they are."

Hokie Bloggers

BC Game Immediate Impressions: Beatdown (VT Fan)
"What more can be said about Ryan Williams? I'm just glad he's on our side. He's got about all you could want in an RB - inside, outside, big plays, short yardage, nose for the end zone...WOW."

Hokies destroy Boston College 48-14 in Key ACC Win (VT Hokie Fans)
"Everything went right for Virginia Tech in this game. The running game that stalled last week against Duke kicked into high gear and the ACC’s leading rusher Ryan Williams led the Hokies with 182 total yards – 159 rushing, 23 passing – and a touchdown."

Eagle Bloggers

The truth about the blitz (Eagle in Atlanta)
"I am not trying to pick on the defense here. We lost this game because we were bad on both sides of the ball. I wanted to show this play though to address one of the myths floated that Spaz/McGovern don't blitz. We actually blitz a decent amount. We just don't design or execute it particularly well. Sure, part is personnel. If you are blitzing with Herzy and with a front four that has Raji and Brace, your blitzes look good. But the past few weeks our blitzes have been ineffective and that was just one of the reasons we lost today. Take a look at this example."