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Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech: Q&A with From the Rumble Seat

Our good friends Winfield, Dane and Bird at SB Nation blog From the Rumble Seat agreed to answer questions about the Yellow Jackets to better prepare us for Saturday's game. Look for my answers to their questions to be post on their blog tomorrow.

GC: How much has Georgia Tech improved at running the Wreckbone this year? How much have opponents improved at stopping the Wreckbone this year?

FTRS: The proof is in the numbers. I think most Tech fans feel that we've played a representative sample of what our season was last year. We're currently putting up a few more rushing yards per game but now we're adding 50 more passing yards per game. The extra yardage is translating into more points as the Jackets are averaging an extra touchdown per game this season. For a more detailed look at our offensive numbers, check out this post from last week. All numbers are through the Mississippi State game. Another indicator of our improved offensive ability is in the turnover department. Tech has reduced the fumbles by roughly one third. Instead of losing a fumble every 32 carries, we're losing a fumble every 45 carries. That's huge.

As far as opponents stopping us. The only team that can argue that they stopped us was Miami since they beat us and beat us soundly. Otherwise, I don't think anyone was overly prepared to play the Paul Johnson offense. A lot of Clemson fans harp on their game but it was Paul Johnson's in game adjustments against the green coaching of Dabo that won the fourth quarter. You gotta play four quarters, dog!

GC: What new wrinkles have been throw into the offense this year? How much more passing are the Jackets doing?

FTRS: Well, we've actually reduced our passing play-calling by about a percent but the passes are going for way more yardage (increased efficiency, if you know what I mean). In 2008, we averaged around 8 yards per pass attempt while in 2009 we're picking up an awesome 12 yards per pass attempt on just over 50% passing. If we keep the passing accuracy up, we'll be over 50% passing for the first time since Reggie Ball's freshman year (2003, WOOHOO!!!)

Concerning new wrinkles, we added a fullback draw that is kicking ass and taking names. I think Dwyer is averaging 10-15 yards on it. Nesbitt typically bootlegs on pass plays and in this particular draw, he begins to bootleg but then quickly hands off to Dwyer. It's a misdirection-draw hybrid and it's excellent.

GC: Georgia Tech's defense and Virginia Tech's offense have both been schizophrenic this year. What has been ailing the Jacket defense lately and which of these Jekyll and Hyde units will get the better of the other on Saturday?

FTRS: One simple thing is the problem for GT. Pressure. We get no pressure up front. When we bring heat it never lands home and our secondary is exposed. When we don't bring heat, the QB has all day and throws deep bombs on us. It's becoming a regular occurrence. We're sort of stopping the run but we're still giving up a sub-par 4.2 yards per carry. We don't really know what to say. If Tyrod has adequate protection, maybe he'll perform. We haven't faced a legitimate scrambler yet this season. I think we expect the defense to give up some points but I think most GT fans feel like VT cannot score enough to keep up with GT this season.

GC: You guys are engineers. If the Hokies leave Blacksburg by train at 7 p.m. on Wednesday and average 85 miles per hour ... you know what, fuck it. How much does Georgia suck?

FTRS: Georgie is having the season that was expected of them. They lost big time play makers on offense and didn't change things up defensively in the off season when they knew something was wrong. Do they suck? Beats me 'cause the dogs tend to finish strong. Do we hate them and hope they lose 100-0 for the rest of the season? Hell yes. Did we sing Rocky Top almost as loud as we sang Ramblin' Wreck on Saturday? Hell yes.