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Georgia Tech 28, Virginia Tech 23: Postgame Stream of Conciousness

Hokies lose their second game of the season and control of the Coastal Division in Atlanta.

  • First and foremost: We didn't lose this game, Georgia Tech won it. Great game plan by Paul Johnson and his staff. Their defense nutted up like I knew it would and Paul Johnson made great adjustments at the half.
  • We're still a good team. This loss doesn't yet justify everyone who said we were overrated. I thought we'd go 10-2 with losses to Alabama and Georgia Tech and still think we will. We just ran into a well-coached buzzsaw tonight.
  • What this loss did teach the Hokies is not to believe their own headlines. Georgia Tech was motivated and played that way. I don't blame this loss on any of our players or coaches. I give full credit to the Yellow Jackets who played outstanding. Our only hope now is that Georgia Tech loses one of its three remaining ACC games (not bloody likely).
  • What a shitty day. See you Monday.