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Georgia Tech 28, Virginia Tech 23: Sifting Through the Rubble

I was going to take it easy this week, but then one of my managers called me out. So here's a few more thoughts on Saturday's game.

I actually came to grips with this loss more quickly than I usually do. Most of it was because I thought we were going to lose. Just nothing felt right going into that game. There was too much non-football talk surrounding the Hokies and too many motivational factors for the Yellow Jackets.

After our game I stopped watching football, took care of some things around the house and watched a couple of hockey games. Sunday I grilled, hung out with a friend from college that I usually see once or twice a year and went to the U2 concert. It was great because I had no time to think about Saturday.

This is still going to be a light week. Not only is it the bye week, but I have to help girlfriend4heisman move into her new house. Don't expect a whole lot from me this week, but hopefully I can convince Clark to do a basketball preview. With this being the only bye week of the season and coming off a game like that, it's time to hit the reset button, both for the football team and myself.

Oh, right, the game. A lot of people are back to asking for Bryan Stinespring's head and blaming him for the loss. Honestly, these people just don't know a whole lot about football.

Look at the facts: Georgia Tech was getting gashed on the ground. So we did what we do, which is try to establish the run game in the first half. That didn't work so we made adjustments in the second half and would up scoring three touchdowns.

Let me repeat. Bryan Stinespring made adjustments to his game plan at halftime and they worked. That right there is a reason to celebrate.

And you know how I ripped Mike O'Cain regularly early this season for not developing quarterbacks? My apologies to Mr. O'Cain. As Kyle Tucker points out, Tyrod Taylor is currently No. 5 in the nation in passing efficiency and No. 2 in yards per attempt, hundredths of a yard behind Matt Barkley. Again, that's in the nation. Unreal. (From the incomparable

Virginia Tech lost Saturday because it got out-coached by Paul Johnson. He made adjustments at halftime and his players executed. Bud Foster's boys couldn't make the stops when they were needed. We fell behind against a ball-control offense and it went to work on us.

This one stings (pun intended), but the Hokies can still have a successful season. A 10-2 record with losses to Alabama and on the road against this Georgia Tech team is nothing to sneeze at. Now, let's hit the reset button and then come back ready for a Thursday night home game against North Carolina.

It'll be the only home game of the season I can attend, so let's make it a good one. See you in Blacksburg.