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Georgia Tech 28, Virginia Tech 23: What They're Saying

News from around the mainstream media and blogosphere after the Hokies lose in Atlanta for the second time this season.

National Media and Bloggers

Jackets turn Coastal race upside down (Dr. Saturday)
"You're not supposed to be able to beat a Bud Foster defense by going 1-of-7 passing, even when that one completion is a 51-yard bomb to set up a touchdown. So let the fact that Georgia Tech was not only one-dimensional against the Hokies, but was arguably as good at that dimension as anyone has ever been against a Foster D -- the Jackets' 309-yard rushing effort was the first to break the 300-yard barrier on the ground against Virginia Tech this decade -- stand as another in a long list of testaments to coach Paul Johnson's triple-option wizardry. This is normally where you'd expect a smug rhetorical eyebrow raised at the doubters, skeptics and other haters of Johnson's unique system, but I'm not sure those people actually exist anymore."

Hokies' hopes at national title disappear quickly (Annette)
"Virginia Tech’s chances at the national title -- and the ACC’s hopes that were piggybacking on the Hokies’ success -- took a dramatic dive after the Hokies' 28-23 loss to Georgia Tech. Only once in the history of the BCS has a two-loss team ever played for the national title, and that was in 2007, when a loss to LSU kept the Hokies out of the national championship game and opened the door for the Tigers. Similarly, Virginia Tech’s loss to Alabama in the season opener would also come back to haunt them, but with so many other teams in the country with one loss or still undefeated, it’s an improbable scenario anyway."

Hokies go 0-for-Atlanta (ACC Now/AP)
"Nesbitt has run for six touchdowns over the last two weeks, also scoring three times in a 49-44 victory over Florida State. It was the fifth time this season the quarterback was rushed for more than 90 yards, and Georgia Tech has certainly proven in Paul Johnson’s two seasons as coach that its run-oriented offense — incorporating elements of old formations such as the wishbone and veer — can win at the major-college level."

Hokie Beat Writers

Hokies come up short against Georgia Tech (Jimmy Robertson)
"Nesbitt enjoyed a huge game for the Yellow Jackets, rushing for a game-high 122 yards on 23 carries. As a team, Georgia Tech – which came into the game leading the ACC in both total offense (426.7 ypg) and rushing offense (227 ypg) – finished with 309 yards on the ground, the most allowed by a Beamer-coached team since 1996 when Syracuse rushed for 338 yards. Jonathan Dwyer added 82 yards on 20 carries for Georgia Tech."

Tech offense fails to counterpunch (Aaron McFarling)
"Yellow Jackets coach Paul Johnson clearly won the battle of adjustments, leaving Virginia Tech's defenders grasping at air in the second half. The Hokies often went for the home-run hit when a simple wrap-up would have sufficed. They gave up way too many yards, missed way too many tackles and trudged to the postgame locker room frustrated and confused."

No More National Title Talk (Kyle Tucker)
"You’ll be interested to read SS Dorian Porch’s analysis of a halftime adjustment Georgia Tech made to its blocking scheme, one he claims the Hokies hadn’t seen at all on film. I’m inclined to believe him, considering the Jackets had 88 total yards in the first half and more than 270 RUSHING yards in the second half. [...] I’ll hang up now and let the Hokies answer."

Hokies Blow Chance, Lose to Georgia Tech (Mark Viera)
"About an hour after the game, Hokies players walked out of Bobby Dodd Stadium in maroon jumpsuits and with sour expressions. Some stopped to sign autographs as they walked to an idling bus on the corner of Techwood Drive and North Avenue. With their season turned upside down, the Hokies were preparing to leave Atlanta with another deflating loss."

Game story and graphics from tonight (Darryl Slater)
"Virginia Tech’s defensive coordinator, Bud Foster, watched Georgia Tech quarterback Josh Nesbitt run left, up the sideline and toward the end zone, each of his strides almost certainly extinguishing the Hokies’ aspirations of playing for a national championship. When Nesbitt tip-toed into the end zone for a 39-yard touchdown, Foster looked down at his feet and threw up his hands. His defense had few answers in the second half last night for the Yellow Jackets’ option-based offense, as Georgia Tech won 28-23 at Bobby Dodd Stadium and muddled the ACC’s Coastal Division standings."

Hokies get bitten again in Atlanta (Randy King)
"The Hokies' defense, the longtime given in Frank Beamer's program, couldn't deliver the goods Saturday night at Bobby Dodd Stadium in a 28-23 loss to Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets' tricky option running game snookered both coordinator Bud Foster and his troops in a second-half stampede that sparked the Jackets' first win over a top-five team at Dodd in 47 years."

Hokie Bloggers

Hokies Fall in Atlanta, Again (Tech Sideline)
"Virginia Tech's two offensive stars put up solid numbers, though the offense as a whole performed poorly in the first half. Tyrod Taylor was 10-of-14 for 159 yards, with a touchdown and two interceptions. Taylor had one pass batted down at the line of scrimmage and intercepted by a defensive lineman, and the other interception came on a hail mary before the end of the first half. He also ran for 63 yards and a touchdown."

Beamer’s WTF Face Says It All (College Game Balls)
"Frank’s stare down at the impossible turned reality sums up a heart breaker of a night in Atlanta. If you’re keeping count, and I am, we’re 0-2 in the Dirty and if offered we shouldn’t accept a bid to the Peach Bowl. Two thousand and nine will be just another odd numbered year where our National Championship hopes fall by the wayside. But chin up Hokies we had an outside chance, at best, of a MNC appearance let alone win and we’re in the thick of the ACC Championship race."

LAMPE!!!!!!! (Beer Control Offense)
As usual, BCO is right on the money: "Way to get railroaded that 2nd half fellows. Foster changed the scheme to play the D from last season. Same basic wants ... let anyone but Dwyer beat you, namely Nesbitt. Ummm, he did. Last season the responsibility to watch, hit, hammer Nesbitt was on the senior middle linebackers. He changed the scheme and put that priority on the whip and rover with Kam over the top to help. Once PJ figured that out, the D was toast the 2nd half as Bud had no fixes for this."

Welcome Back Stiney (Fight for Old DC)
"Could've seen this one coming from a mile away. What were the keys to the game for Georgia Tech? Abuse the young VT linebackers en route to a strong rushing effort...check. Force turnovers early (slash keep the crowd in it)...check. Have Kam Chancellor screw up...check. I wasn't able to watch this one, thanks to marching band as mentioned earlier, but I had my trusty Blackberry in hand (and ready to throw against a wall). From everything I've heard, and the highlights I've seen, it seemed as though we couldn't get any real key stops, and Georgia Tech came in with a great gameplan."

Parting Shots from the GT Game (The North End Zone)
"But anyway, I'm not trying to beat a dead horse or anything, but we cannot constantly let our defense bail out our offense if they have an off game (or if the offense loses the TOP battle). If we want to go anywhere other than the Orange Bowl, Gator Bowl, Chik-fil-A Bowl, or God help us, Meineke Car Care Bowl, then we need to change the way our offense works. We had it going these last few games, but as we all now know, that stopped as abruptly as a Ryan Williams run up the middle."

3 Key Plays - VT vs. Georgia Tech (Tech SuperFans)
"I'm willing to bet Coach Paul Johnson had recognized Worilds crashing down on this play several times throughout the game and told Nesbitt to keep it because from the replay it definitely does NOT look as though Nesbitt ever considered actually handing it off to Dwyer. As it was, the Jackets blocked the play very well and Nesbitt made a big play to win the game for his team."

So. This is how it’s going to be. (The Football Girl)
"I dreaded this game all week. You know how you just have a feeling sometimes and even though you don’t want to have that feeling, and you hope desperately that you’re wrong, you know you’re not? That was my feeling. The feeling that, no matter the preparation, no matter the way the offense has looked in the last few games, that the outcome wasn’t going to good. And it wasn’t."

Not the Hokies Night (VT Fan)
"While it didn't show up on the field right away, it did eventually. The Georgia Tech defense especially I think really had an extra bounce. Now Bryan Stinespring's offense has a tendency of making a defense look better than it is, but I've seen this GT defense play a lot this year, and they have looked real slow and real bad against several teams. They were much better last night."

Ryan Williams ties one record, breaks another (VT Hokie Fans)
"Redshirt freshman running back Ryan Williams, the ACC’s leading rusher, tied one school record and broke another. Williams rushed 14 times for 100 yards. It was the fifth game this season that Williams has rushed for at least 100 yards, breaking Darren Evans’ freshman record of four set last season."


The Magnitude, Ramblin' Reck, and Goalposts (From The Rumble Seat)
"I ran into multiple former Reck Drivers yesterday and every single one of them said something along the lines of "Soak this up. I never had a game like this to ride out to." Nothing like pressure right? At the end of the game, the 2003 Driver looked at me, gave me a hug, and yelled "YOU LUCKY BASTARD!". Yes, I am lucky, fortunate, and humbled to have this role for 2009. I'd post a video of the 1st half ride out but only pictures were taken. I'll tell you this, I have never heard the stadium that loud and that electric all year. It is something that I will never forget."