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Bourbon Shots: College Football Week 7 Roundup Edition

A trip around the college football world in Week 7.

ACC Football

ACC power rankings: Week 8 (Annette)
"3. Virginia Tech (5-2, 3-1; LW: 1) -- At this point, considering how evenly the top three teams have played each other, the biggest thing separating the Hokies from the rest of the pack now is two losses. The Hokies are off this weekend but are now under pressure to win out. The good news for VT is that its toughest opponents are behind them, but the season finale against rival Virginia might actually mean something this year."

ACC Football Power Rankings, Oct. 19 (ACC Sports Journal)
"So the ACC has three teams in the Top 14 of the BCS but nobody else within a highly amplified scream of relevance. Another week will offer more knowledge. Maybe we’ll be able to figure things out one of these weeks. Or maybe the joy is in the difficulty."

OTB’s ACC Power Poll: Week 7 (On The B.Rink)
"Coastal Division is king. The question legitimately is–can the anyone in the Atlantic defeat a Coastal team? I really don’t know(See what I did there? I kept the same three sentences from last week, clever, eh?). Seriously, the Atlantic Division is schizo and mediocre. The Coastal is just silly with Virginia leading it right now with a 3-3 record–the trio of Georgia Tech, Miami, and Virginia Tech all have to go through Charlottesville to claim their Coastal crown folks(lol)."

A Tale of Two Divisions (Instead of Texting)
"Georgia Tech’s win pretty much ensures that we’re going to get an exciting finish in the Coastal and could give us a chance to see how well a three-way tiebraker can be done with one-loss teams. As sweet as the game was for the Jackets, it was a major disappointment for a Virginia Tech team that still had a shot at playing for the national title. The Hokies’ loss also weakened the ACC’s hopes of putting two teams in BCS bowls, although Miami and Georgia Tech are 10th and 12th in the initial BCS standings, and Virginia Tech isn’t far behind at No. 14."

Clemson 38, Wake Forest 3

Clemson Beats Wake 38-3 (Block-C)
"Wake Forest QB Riley Skinner was sacked five times in another Death Valley collapse for the Deacs. Kyle Parker threw a touchdown and scrambled for another on a QB option read in the red zone. CJ Spiller again had a touchdown play of over 60 yards, giving him one in each game this season. Just a damned remarkable stat. Spiller finished with 106 rushing yards in his 10th career 100 yard + game. Most notably, he became the ACC’s all-time all-purpose yards leader, breaking the 6,000 yard mark."

Wake Forest postgame review (Clempson Football)
"Overall, the team came out with a high enthusiasm level, which is understandable after the embarrassment in College Park and the criticism from all angles over the past two weeks. As previously stated, there were a lot of good things and some bad things that happened against Wake. Check out the action and commentary below."

Boston College 52, NC State 20

Eagles Run Wild Over Pack, Win 52-20 (BC Interruption)
Brian and Jeff take time from getting yelled at for drinking straight from the jug of OJ: "Brian: You could tell this game meant a lot to Frank Spaziani. Late in the fourth quarter, on fourth and goal from the 6 yard line, Spaz passed up the opportunity to kick the field goal and Dave Shinskie found Billy Flutie in the back of the end zone to stretch the Eagles lead to 52-20. After seeing leads disappear in the Eagles’ home games against Wake Forest and Florida State, you are loving the more aggressive play-calling with the lead, right?"

Second viewing thougths and grade report: NC State (Eagle in Atlanta)
"There’s not much else to say about Harris’ record-setting day. He was patient, found the holes, ran through tackles, dodged guys, showed good vision and speed. What’s not to like? I also appreciated his blocking for Shinskie. Haden didn’t get to do much prior to going down with his injury. Finch looked good and showed good burst, but it was during garbage time."

5 Observations from the NC State Game (Eagle All Access)
"BC ran the "wildcat" formation four times today for 140 yards. Each time Harris took the snap, faked to Gunnell as he came around the end and took it off the left side. He busted for a career long 70 yards on the first play. He also had runs of five, 46, and a 29 yard touchdown in this formation. It’s fair to say that the BC staff saw an opportunity there and exploited it to perfection."

Take Me On A Blatant Doom Trip (Backing The Pack)
"Maybe it's a bit inappropriate to feel nervous prior to a football game considering the fact that all I have to do is watch. It's not my reputation or my season on the line. But I felt nervous prior to every game of the Rivers era, and a couple of weeks ago, those old feelings were back, and man was that nice. Nice to have a team playing meaningful football games again, that is."

Virginia 20, Maryland 9

The view from the driver's seat (From Old Virginia)
A Virginia guy calling other people douchebags? Now I've seen it all: "Douche. Bags. This is why it's so much fun to beat these guys. They provide enough humor to let the glow of victory last all week. It's not about getting credit or respect for the win; I don't need it, it's etched in the scorebook for all time. It's the laughs. Schadenfreude is twice as freude-y when it's Maryland. Here's a prediction: Duke is going to beat this team next week. Book it. Come back to this page next Sunday and see if I'm right. Why? Maryland doesn't think they need to get any better. They think they're good enough."

Maryland-Virginia Report Card and Helmet Stickers (Testudo Times)
"So, good performance, right? Oh, forgot about the fumbles. Those three fumbles, one from Meggett and two from Douglas, were absolutely killer and probably were the direct reason for Porzel's increased playing time. Without them, Maryland probably wins. This grade would've been a B+ if not for the fumbles."

Season washes away in downpour (Turtle Waxing)
"Saturday's loss to Virginia removed all the mystery from how this season was going to end. Maryland won't be going to a bowl game this year and will almost certainly have a losing record for the second time in the last four seasons. The hopes of turning around the season were dashed on a dreary day which forced both offenses to be conservative and demanded that they refrain from turning the ball over."

Miami 27, Central Florida 7

Good Night, Central Florida (AllCanes)
"Miami didn't set the world on fire Saturday night, but in a game like this it didn't need to. Contrary to the belief of some, this was indeed a pitfall game. Had the Canes not buckled down and remained focused, this contest could've absolutely gotten away from them."

When The Knights Fall (Canespace)
"On Saturday night in Orlando the Miami Hurricanes beat the UCF Knights 27-7 in a boring, low scoring scrimmage at some Stadium named after some Cable TV company. Since we strongly prefer beer over TV we will take Landshark Beer any day over Brightouse Networks thank you very much."

National College Football

Texas 16, Oklahoma 13

For Fourth Time in Five Years, Texas Beats OU (Burnt Orange Nation)
"The outcome was: glorious. It was neither beautiful nor decisive, but when Texas beats Oklahoma for the second straight year -- and fourth time in the last five -- there is much glory. Heaping mounds of football bullion for the good and just. And for the wicked... nothing. Just another painful loss to contemplate on the long drive back to hell."

Sooners Should Start Looking To 2010 (Crimson And Cream Machine)
"My feelings on his return have changed completely since his initial injury. After the BYU game I had hoped for a best case scenario and that Bradford would be back as quickly as possible, hoping for the Miami game but definitely the Texas game for sure. Now after seeing him go through the same injury for the second time it's clear that he needs rest and most likely surgery to heal properly."

Michigan 63, Delaware State 6

Baby Seals (MGoBlog)
"This what everyone wanted after last year's decision to schedule Utah didn't go as planned and Michigan slumped to a 3-9 record: a tomato can's tomato can. Someone to take lunch money or candy from. A baby seal to club, and then club some more, and then club some more until David Cone's lyrical daggers were targeting only a wet, damp smear. This is what we got, a game in which I was pondering at which point in the second quarter I'd stop charting for UFR.* A bye week in all but execution."

Texas Tech 31, Nebraska 10

Nebraska vs. Texas Tech Postgame Overreaction (Corn Nation)
"Bottom line - we sucked. Offensively we sucked in nearly every part of the game, and there is plenty of suck to go around. Let's get something straight - if we're going to cheer Husker heroes when we're winning, we should be prepared to beat on them a little bit when they suck. And suck they did."

Alabama 20, South Carolina 6

Initial Impressions from the South Carolina Game (Roll 'Bama Roll)
"Ugly win last night, and I mean ugly. Any time you average 4.6 yards per passing attempt, have over 100 yards of penalties, miss a kick, and turn it over four times, your performance has all of the aesthetic appeal of a Roseanne swimsuit calendar. Thankfully, though, the defense was impenetrable as usual and Mark Ingram took over the game, carrying us to victory. Had either one of those two slipped up any last night, we would probably be lamenting our first loss of the season."

What Do We Make Of This Game? (Garnet And Black Attack)
"Well, that wasn't pretty. In a game in which the norm for both offenses was off-kilter offensive play, defense ruled the day, and Alabama's big interception return on the first drive and their ability to run the ball fairly consistently helped the Tide to a 20-6 win. The game was a close one, and you really have to give our defense credit for keeping us in this thing. I was impressed with how Ellis Johnson's group didn't crack after numerous aborted offensive series. They kept 'Bama out of the end zone until the very end of the game, and they came up with several turnovers. That's the recipe for success in a game like this."

Purdue 26, Ohio State 18

Nirvana achieved: Purdue upsets a ranked team!!!! (Hammer and Rails)
"This is why I write here. This is why I devote so much time to following my alma mater. I know I am one of those people that lets my team affect my day, good or bad, too much when they are playing. Today I was glad, because it made it a very good day. As Purdue fans, we rarely have these great moments. We are not blessed as one of the great teams of college football that takes a nine win season for granted. It had been almost six years since we had experienced a win even close to this one."

It's emo week! (We Will Always Have Tempe)
"I'm eschewing the traditional format of my recaps because my mind is battered and my heart is broken. I'll be honest, I've always put a lot of stock in Tresselball. I think it is based on sound principles, but I've also always lamented the philosophy's incredibly small margin of error. Jim Tressel's remedy for this weakness is itself a little shaky: minimize offensive turnovers. If that doesn't work, we're basically screwed. If it does, solid defense and special teams should be enough to get you by."

Iowa 20, Wisconsin 10

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Entertain Dreams of Pasadena Yet (Black Heart Gold Pants)
"That all said... this season is already shaping up to be special. Just lowercase-s special at this point, mind you, but of the five hardest games on Iowa's Big Ten slate, Iowa has now won the first three. All that's left are two fierce road games and three "trap" games at Kinnick. Win at least four of them, and it's a capital-s Special season."

Ten point lead evaporates as UW beats itself again (Bucky's 5th Quarter)
"After the missed field goal, Iowa went right down the field and scored a touchdown on an Adam Robinson 10-yard touchdown run. The score gave the Hawkeyes a 17-10 lead and they never looked back. After the game, O'Brien Schofield admitted the missed field goal affected them on defense."

Florida 23, Arkansas 20

Florida Gators 23 – Arkansas Razorbacks 20 (The Bull Gator)
"The motto for the 2009 season may just be "a win is a win." First of all, I’ll go ahead and give a round of applause to Arkansas. They did their research on Florida’s offense and did whatever they could to disrupt it. In the end, a driven Tim Tebow and a Riley Cooper determined to make up for an early drop put the Gators on their back and carried them to the win."

Chomped in the Heart, Flagged in the Head (Arkansas Expats)
"I am in agreement with Hog Nation and even Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson, two pro Florida announcers if there ever were any, that the thirty yards of penalties on the Hogs in Florida's final touchdown drive were a joke. And then there was the non call for offensive pass interference on Florida's go ahead drive. Simply put, the refs should not have played such a big role in determining the game. The Hogs still might have lost, but at least then, it would have been a fairer loss."

USC 34, Notre Dame 27

The Irish came to play! (Conquest Chronicles)
"There is no question that the USC offense has really come together. Barkley once again went into a very hostile stadium and came away with the win. I can probably count 3-5 plays that Barkley made that I could see where he was still a freshman but he managed the game nicely."

Air Force 10, Wyoming 0

Falcons grind out a victory of Cowboys (Mountain West Connection)
"Wyoming was never able to break inside the Falcons 30 yard line. Their only scoring threat came on a 47 yard field goal that was blocked with time expiring at the end of the first half. Austyn Carta-Samuels was 14/31 for only 76 yards and interception. David Leonard continued to be one of the targets in the NCAA as he grabbed a team leading seven receptions for 36 yards."

Colorado 34, Kansas 30

Buffaloes Respond, Defeat Previously Unbeaten Jayhawks (The Ralphie Report)
"There are plenty of reasons to also think this offense and defense can get better. Briefly, turnovers and penalties still plague the offense. The Buffs turned the ball over twice deep in their own territory, the defense held but to continue to rattle off wins, you can't lose the turnover battle and expect to emerge victorious. It is the most important comparative statistic in football. Luckily, the Buffs scored 14 points on Kansas turnovers and Kansas only scored 6 points on the three Colorado giveaways."

Where do we go from here? (Rock Chalk Talk)
"Most teams don't go from relative obscurity to a BCS bowl in one season, it typically takes time. Kansas caught lightening in a bottle and what we're a part of now is the growing pains that likely should have gradually developed us into a respectable program had a more normal course of events taken shape. 2007 was a major shot in the arm and I truly feel that it has progressed us tremendously but there's still plenty of work to be done."

Stuff Only I Care About

A View From the Roost: Familiar Faces (The Goose's Roost)
In all seriousness, if you live in Atlanta, go see Kovy play while you can. Go now. They play the Caps at home Thursday. Ovi vs. Kovy. Top two scorers in the league. Some $15 Thursday promotion. Go. Do it. Do I have to buy the tickets for you? - "I love the way Ilya Kovalchuk plays, especially this year. He’s not even celebrating goals at this point, like he knows it’s all just a big tryout for the trade deadline. Yeah yeah, Atlanta’s doing everything they can to sign him. That’s fine, but you know at least a few teams are willing to throw the kitchen sink at Hotlanta for his rights. I know I would."

A day with Chip (George Schroeder)
"Other than practice, of course. And he meant breaking down film, dreaming up diabolical schemes to defeat defenses (yeah, too many D’s—sorry). Kelly still does a fair amount of that; he’s not the offensive coordinator, but he’s designing the Ducks’ offense. But he’s got a lot more on his plate."

Rand Elliott is weird (The Lost Ogle)
"Seriously, if the glasses, hair cut and bizarre buildings he designs didn’t give it away, Rand Elliot is one weird dude. Hell, he’s almost as weird as Wayne Coyne. It would be fun to get him totally stoned and hear him tell stories about robots, aliens and how the lights in the Underground were inspired by a little orange tablet and the Wizard of Oz. It would also be fun to see if he had any good stories about Ackerman-McQueen. The people at Ackerman McQueen are weirdos!"

Edmond: Week 7 Recap (Bob Przybylo)
"The Antlers had to go through a brutal stretch of Duncan and El Reno. The offense just hasn’t been able to get going against some of the best defenses in 5A right now. Deer Creek gave host El Reno a game for a half, but the Indians got it going in a 30-7 victory. It’s back to the road for Grant Gower’s club as Deer Creek is at Chickasha this week. Can the Antlers stop Chase Rodgers?"