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Update: We helped other humans. Real, live humans.

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This month we've been involved in the Donor's Choose Social Media Challenge along with other SB Nation blogs. We've been raising money to help public school teachers in The Commonwealth buy much-needed school supplies. Earlier this week I got a note from one of the teacher helped through this blog's involvement in the fundraiser. Enough people donated to her cause that she was able to fully fund her project, which included basic school supplies for her second grade class.

Dear Blog,

I cannot thank you enough for supporting my classroom and students. We have many obstacles to overcome here at our school, and supplies should not be one of them. By helping us out, you are making the students time in the classroom meaningful and fun.

My students were excited when I purchased some crayons and markers for them. Just imagine their reactions when boxes of supplies come in! I hope to capture that reaction in photographs to share with all of you. Again, thank you so much, and thank you for caring about my students' education.

With gratitude,
Ms. S.

There's still plenty of time to help more teachers like this throughout Virginia and the rest of the country. Click here to contribute to the Social Media Challenge.