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Bourbon Shots: Halfway There, Livin' on a Prayer Edition

Happy Bye Week, everybody! Hope you're enjoying yours as much as I am. Let's see what's going on in Hokieland, the ACC and the rest of the landscape.

Virginia Tech

Midseason report: Virginia Tech (Annette)
"Quarterback Tyrod Taylor and his receivers have shown dramatic improvement this year, and have made defenses respect their passing game. Last weekend, though, the Hokies failed to make the defensive adjustments needed in the second half and fell victim to Georgia Tech’s triple-option offense. The second loss dropped the Hokies out of contention for the national title and opened the door for anyone to win the Coastal Division."

Deep Breath (Kyle Tucker)
"So ... Will the Hokies play for a national title this season? Nope. Are they still pretty freakin’ talented? Yup. And might this still be an impressive year? Uh-huh. Oh ... and ... will just about ALL the big-time playmakers for this team be back next year, with a much softer schedule and the bad taste of blowing this year’s title run? Yes, sir."

Checking in with Seth Greenberg (Darryl Slater)
"Greenberg knows what he is getting from Delaney and Allen – his second- and third-leading scorers last season. Allen, a 6-7 forward, also led the team with 8.4 rebounds per game. But he needs other guys to show they can consistently contribute. Guys like forwards J.T. Thompson and Terrell Bell, and guard Dorenzo Hudson – all juniors. Guys like senior post player Lewis Witcher and fellow big man Victor Davila, a promising sophomore."

The Story Behind Virginia Tech’s Enter Sandman Tradition (VT Hokie Fans)
"They eventually chose "Enter Sandman" over "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N’ Roses and "Sirius" by the Alan Parsons Project. The first game to use the entrance was the 2000 season opener against Georgia Tech. The Hokies were coming off an 11-1 season and a loss to Florida State in the National Championship game. Of course, the game against Georgia Tech was canceled due to a severe lightning storm and never replayed."

I Never Thought It Would Come to This (The North End Zone)
"I know it's not pleasant, but like they always say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And right now, the stars are aligning us with UVA. If it makes you feel any better, imagine VT as the USA, UVA as Russia, and GT as Germany. We have to unite forces to beat the evil Yellowjackets, but we sure as hell are going to go back to hating each other right after the game is over and then go to war a few years (weeks) later."

Sean Taylor Memorial Meast Of The Week – Week 6 (KSK)
"Your Meast of the Week is Eddie fucking Royal. Two return TDs against the Chargers. Say, what do you know? That ties a REAL NFL RECORD! Good job, Eddie! You’re totally the best! No one comes close to matching your meastiness this week! I could NOT think of a better, more deserving candidate. We should give it to you every week."

ACC Coastal

What exactly is a WaHoo (From The Rumble Seat)
"As we move forward in a planning process for President Peterson's Strategic Vision, I certainly do not believe we should be cookie cuttering students, or even developing a set look. One of the things I celebrate at Georgia Tech is the diversity amongst our fellow Yellow Jackets. While I'm eager to visit UVA this weekend for the game (and apparently their in shape women), I have serious issues and concerns with the attitudes that might be taken by this group of 'WaHoos'."

Who Should Be the Primary Back, Draughn or Houston? (Carolina March)
"The thing is, I think Draughn is the better overall back, just with a style that requires more from his offensive line. Hence against weaker opponents ECU and the two D1-AA schools, Draughn has outgained Houston in the yards per carry metric, even in games when they get a similar number of carries. Of course, against Georgia Tech's strong front line, both backs were equally ineffective, which leaves two games where Houston excelled, Connecticut and Virginia."

UNC’s Thursday Night Gamble (Tar Heel Fan)
"Now, one reason this date was chosen is because it fell during fall break which means no classes and fewer students around. Hopefully enough students remain to fill up the Tar Pit but removing that factor from the equation can only help the situation. Still, UNC will begin traffic operations at 2:30 PM, a full five and half hours before the game and parking lots will be cleared in succession after that. Needless to say this is a major undertaking."

Anti-Miami contingent makes presence known (AllCanes)
"The BCS standings were released this past weekend and while it's only mid-October, you could simply drop the "C" right now and just call it the BS standings as the Canes slid in No. 10. Miami is 5-1 after playing arguably the hardest stretch in college football this season, yet still trails some less impressive one-loss teams and some loss-free paper champions. Does anybody really believe that Miami deserves to be behind Boise State, Cincinnati, Iowa, TCU or LSU? Seriously?"

Duke football returns after off week (ACC Now)
"Naysayers will look at the schedule - Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Miami and Wake Forest - and wonder aloud if the Devils, a team with a history of losing, can fight through the remainder of its conference schedule and come out with enough wins."

ACC Atlantic

Dab-O Meter Update (Block-C)
"Anyway, Dabo seems like a coaching prodigy who has ironed out all the problems of Clemson’s season and has got the Tigers on a smooth road to trophy-town. To some folks. For now. We see him bob back up slightly above his post-Maryland levels and a bit more charming, but with an edge. An embryonic Frank Howard to some."

Swofford, We Have A Problem (BC Interruption)
Brian takes time from trying to retrieve an earring Mrs. Brian dropped down the sink: "Specifically, the number of bowl-eligible teams the ACC will send to the already bloated postseason. I’m here to tell you the situation this year is looking grim. While some MSM bloggers in the preseason seemed to suggest that the ACC would send a record 10 teams bowling again this season - which I duly laughed at - I never thought it would be this bad. Right now, I only see six, maybe seven teams bowling from the ACC."

Notre Dame and BC: the future (Eagle in Atlanta)
"There are so many unwritten rules and competing priorities surrounding Notre Dame football that it is hard to keep track. But know this, the most important things to them are their independence and their revenue. In order to maintain their independence and revenue stream they need to schedule a variety of solid opponents. Independence complicates scheduling though. Let's take a stab at an Irish schedule and its limitations that will force them back to the table with BC."

Bobby Bowden is Afraid to Die (Tomahawk Nation)
"The article discusses Bowden's fear of death. His dad died shortly after retirement. His idol (Bear Bryant) dies shortly after retiring. You see, it's almost impossible for Bobby to go out on his own terms because his own terms are not to go out at all. But as I've said before, I firmly believe he is done at FSU. Bowden has simply burned too many bridges and pissed on his greatest allies."

Stuff Only I Care About

Post-OU Podcast (Burnt Orange Nation)
"PB and Scipio Tex of Barking Carnival get together for another two hours of Texas football talk. Topics on the table: Why Greg Davis should listen to these podcasts, the sorry state of the Big 12 North, and a round of "Name That Coordinator: The Offensive Equivalent of Will Muschamp""

Alabama is No Fun (Rocky Top Talk)
"Driving home and listening to the Sports Animal today, I heard the final verdict on the Tennessee Volunteers request to wear orange jerseys during the upcoming football game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The SEC office had approved the request, but the University of Alabama denied it. Tennessee had the option of wearing them anyway, at the cost of 15 yards on the opening kickoff, but Lane Kiffin has already stated that such an option is off the table - the team does not need to provide any further assistance to Alabama as it is."

Is It Time for the Black Shirt Tradition To Die? (Corn Nation)
"The media seems just as obsessed with them, possibly because it gives them something to write about that they know fans will connect with, but more likely because it's difficult to write much about the team when Pelini gives them so little meat with which to write."

AJ Daulerio Is An Asshole (MGoBlog)
"Daulerio's got some whiny point about how ESPN's policy about these sorts of things is convoluted and unevenly applied, which is a deeply fascinating thing for lawyers, ESPN employees, and no one else. His real aim is to lash out because he failed to get the Steve Phillips fatal attraction "scoop," for all the incredible social and ethical value that has. Whatever the point is, it obviously isn't anywhere close to justifying disseminating unconfirmed, bitchy emails about an anonymous middle manager's sex life. Daulerio just compromised that woman's quality of life for his own benefit. He did this because he's a child."

2009 Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas (The Lost Ogle)
"Lake Hefner Enthusiast - Lake Hefner is pretty cool place, but the people who spend a lot of time there seem to be a bit off. To be Lake Hefner enthusiast, wear biker shorts, a white Under Armour shirt and listen to your iPod. For a prop, walk around the party with either a racing bike or rollerblades and then engage people with some really odd conversation. For added effect, bring a stunt kite."

Oklahoma Promises They Deserve Your Vote (Bootlegger Sports)
"I’m assuming Mr. Mossman meant to add that OU’s three wins have all come at home against unranked, non-FBS, non-BCS and/or non-Robert Griffin having teams, but he must have accidentally hit ‘Send’ before he had the chance."

Time to have a serious conversation about officiating (Mr. College Football)
"I’m talking about a mindset. It’s the same mindset that looked at A.J. Green’s incredible catch and celebration with his teammates and thought SOMETHING had to be called. It’s the mindset looked at LSU’s Charles Scott, looking briefly to the stands after a touchdown run, and thought SOMETHING had to be called."

Dougie does Dallas. (Hey Jenny Slater)
"My phone rang and a number with a 540 area code showed up in the caller ID. I was worried it'd either be a wayward junk-debt collector or freeloading semi-friend asking me for money, but I answered it anyway, and it turned out to be a member of the search committee at Virginia Tech charged with hiring a new editor for their alumni magazine."

Decision on Myers is Drawing Closer (Die By The Blade)
"If I were the one making the decision, Myers would stay in Buffalo and in the lineup. Paetsch would be waived and sent to Portland if he clears, although I think some team would be in the market for a versatile seventh defenseman. It would be Andrej Sekera that would remain in the press box until another player gets injured or regresses. Sekera was struggling before he went out with injury and he has regressed considerably since his start last season."