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OMG! Georgia Tech Totally Cheated!

WTF! From Darryl Slater:

The ACC today confirmed that Georgia Tech should have been called for illegal blocks on four plays during its 28-23 win over Virginia Tech on Oct. 17. The Hokies' coaches submitted video of 11 plays that they believed might have warranted penalties, and the conference told the staff that it agreed with four of them.

It is unclear if Virginia Tech's coaches thought illegal blocks occurred on the other seven plays, or if they believed another type of penalty happened. What is clear is the ACC's stance that the officials working the game will not be suspended. The crew comprised referee Jeff Flanagan, umpire Jim Hyson, linesman Tracy Jones, line judge Todd LaPenta, back judge Virgil Valdez, field judge Jim Coman and side judge Angie Bartis.

See! Four of 11! And those were just the ones our coaches noticed. Georgia Tech ran 70 plays, so using math, at least 25 of them were illegal if were going by the 4:11 ratio (which is the same ratio of women to men on Georgia Tech's campus).

Here were other calls the officials missed on Oct. 17:

  • Illegal use of a shitty rap song to fire up the crowd. Everyone knows you're only allowed to use Metallica in the ACC. (Multiple offenses)
  • Too many good players in the backfield. (Multiple offenses)
  • Illegal backwards lateral. (Multiple offenses)
  • As you can see in the picture above, Jonathan Dwyer wore a cape during the game. That has to be a violation of the ACC uniform policy. What? That's Jake Johnson? Nevermind.
  • Illegal use of the ground on an interception. (Oops, this one actually happened)
  • Too much time on the field by an offense.
As you can see, all these offenses begin to pile up. In my opinion, Georgia Tech should make up for their complete lack of respect for the rules by forfeiting against either Wake Forest or Duke.