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Bourbon Shots: Can We Please Focus on the Heels? Edition

Chopgate just won't die, which worries me because we only have one more day to prepare for UNC. Are we going to let the Jackets beat us twice? Are we going to go into Thursday's game unfocused and have this season go to hell in a hand-basket? Please tell me that's not going to happen. I'm reading way too many quotes from players about a team we played over a week ago and not enough talk about an opponent that's desperate for a league win. if we lose to UNC, I'm going to be pretty angry at the coaches for letting their spat with Paul Johnson dominate the headlines this week. On to the links...

Virginia Tech

Georgia Tech loss lingers for some Hokies (Mark Viera)
"While the players said they wanted to look forward to the Hokies' five remaining games, the meeting with the Yellow Jackets resonated. Wide receiver Jarrett Boykin said he had a difficult time even watching the highlights replayed on television."

Foster: Improvement needed (Randy King)
"After his group was chopped down -- literally and figuratively, and perhaps even illegally -- at Georgia Tech last time out, Virginia Tech coordinator Bud Foster says it's imperative his defense stands tall the rest of the season."

He-said-he-said in the Coastal (Annette)
Annette and Frankie need to get a room: "Zing! Oh, and P.S., Johnson said, the officials missed about a half a dozen holding calls on the Hokies. Wow, did Johnson just beat Virginia Tech again? Sounds like it ..."

Can't We All Get Along (Kyle Tucker)
"OK, so unless Paul Johnson comes back this afternoon and calls Frank Beamer a sissy, I think this will (I mean it this time) be my final post about chopgate. Yesterday would’ve been the last word on the subject, but how could Beamer NOT respond after Johnson basically said, "Stop whining; I crushed you"??? So the Hokies’ Big Whistle began his press conference today by saying that he’d gotten on the phone with the Big Jacket and the two had a "good" conversation about this whole mess."

Chop-block-gate raging in Blacksburg (Norm Wood)
"Well, it looks like I missed most of the fun in Blacksburg on Saturday and Sunday while I was covering the Georgia Tech-Virginia game (that certainly was NOT fun...ugly is the word that comes to mind) and ACC Operation Basketball in Greensboro, N.C. With those two events going on, I didn't get to talk to Virginia Tech's coaches and players Saturday and Sunday after football practice."

Frank Beamer Recants (Coley Harvey)
"On Tuesday, he recanted, saying he was referring to a different play which apparently occurred in the third quarter (it's at the beginning of the accompanying video, and is the first blocking play you see involving Chancellor). Personally, I thought that block was questionable when I first saw the replay a couple of weeks ago. On the latter, Chancellor was blocked about like anyone would in a regular offense."

Class Of 2006: VT Marked By Stars, Attrition (ACCSJ)
"Tech didn’t sign a quarterback. That looked like a potential problem, especially after Marcus Vick was dismissed from the team in January 2006. Of course, Tech was able to get through the following season 10-3 with Sean Glennon at quarterback, before signing Tyrod Taylor in 2007."

Busman’s Holiday (The A-Line)
"It took just over an hour for us to motor from my driveway to the sign welcoming us to the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill on Rte. 86. It took almost another two to make it from there to a parking garage in the middle of the medical center. Time and location worked against tailgating, or even making our way back to Franklin Street for a decent meal. When a Tech alum knows more about getting into Chapel Hill on a football Gameday and the best tailgating spot than does a Tar Heel, it explains much about general Carolina football futility. So does hiring Butch Davis."

ACC Football

Who is worse? Big 12 North or ACC Atlantic (From The Rumble Seat)
"It's a danceoff between the Big 12 North and the ACC Atlantic for Worst Division in I-A Football. Neither division has a ranked team. The North is 2-6 against the top heavy South while the Atlantic is a measly 2-7 against the ACC Coastal. The only currently ranked team that fell victim to either division is the #15 Pittsburgh Panthers who were upset by NC State. In fact, the two divisions are 1-7 against currently ranked opponents."

What’s With The Ponder / Tebow Obsession? (Scalp Em)
Welcome back. NoleCC. "Seriously, why would I care what the man from Gainesville is doing in comparison to Christian Ponder? Throw some other QBs into the discussion and top if off with NFL Draft projections, then fine MAYBE I’m interested. It obvious Christian Ponder is having a great year, it’s also obvious that Tim Tebow is having a down year. You could also say that for a ton of Division I QBs. As for Ponder vs. Tebow, it doesn’t matter until November 28, 2009 when they play each other. Then, and only then, do I care about a direct comparison."

David Shinskie Progression (Eagle All Access)
"I think Shinskie could turn into a productive quarterback at BC. After a seven year layoff I didn't expect this much production from him this year. If it was an 18 year old true freshman producing as much as Shinskie is right now, then he would be getting much attention from the fans and the media. Expect Shinskie to only get better with each passing week, as he shakes off more and more rust and develops better decision making skills."

Stuff Only I Care About

Time for conferences to get out of the officiating business (Mr. College Football)
"It seems to me that it’s time for the conferences—all of them—to get out of the officiating business. Let’s have officials assigned on a national basis so that they are not identified with one conference, who is technically their employer. It certainly wouldn’t solve all the problems because officials are human beings and human beings are going to make mistakes. But it would take away one argument from those who see a massive conspiracy behind every missed call. That, in and of itself, would be a welcomed change."

Free Dez! (The Lost Ogle)
"Of course, having that All-American primary receiver to go with the more confident group as a whole would probably be ideal if the Cowboys hope to win the Big XII South and a possible BCS Glorified Scrimmage berth. Perhaps the NCAA will come to their senses and make a decision soon. Yeah, right."

Myers not a tough call for Sabres (From The Rink)
"Besides, Myers is far from a typical, junior-aged rookie. He'll turn 20 one month into 2010 and, at 6-foot-8, already has the necessary size and strength to contribute in a big way. And with the way the Bruins have fallen off the radar, due to their play and injuries, there's suddenly a very real chance the Sabres could win the Northeast. And they need Myers to do that."

Sabres the Best in NHL? (Die By The Blade)
"I'm not anywhere close to saying the Sabres are the best team in the NHL but seems to think so. It's nice to see the Sabres get so much attention in the early part of te season but the pessimist in me thinks otherwise. I'll keep enjoying it while the Sabres play well and I'll let time dictate where they will end up."

Wally World and Opportunity (The Goose's Roost)
"To understand what happened last week doesn’t require the benefit of hindsight: Darcy Regier picked Clarke MacArthur over Dan Paille. This time the distinction makes much more sense, despite our collective inability to place just where the tipping point in preference occurred."