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I Need a Place to Stay in Blacksburg for the UNC Game

OK, I'm in dire straits here. I thought I was going to have a place to stay in the 'Burg for the North Carolina game, but now I don't and other places have also fallen through. The best I've gotten is a "maybe" from my tailgate.

So I'm turning to you, my loyal reader(s). I need a place to stay at least on Thursday after the game. At worst, I can find a hotel in like Bristol or something Wednesday night, but things are looking dire for Thursday. I'm about to drive 16 hours for this game and don't have a place to stay.

If you can help a blogger out by providing a couch or piece of floor for me to air up my air mattress, please e-mail CGB at cgb-at-collegegameballs-dot-com. He'll help you get a hold of me since I'll be on the road all day tomorrow.

If nothing comes up, you can at least expect an interesting post about the night I spent in my car. So at least you guys will benefit whether or not I find a place to stay.

Go Hokies!

PS - I'm also browsing This could get interesting.