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North Carolina 20, Virginia Tech 17: Postgame Stream of Consciousness

Real quick thoughts from a hotel in Nashville.

  • I really need to watch the game on DVR before I comment on the playcalling on North Carolina's side of the field in Thursday's game. However, I will say this: Hokie fans were critical of Bryan Stinespring because he tried to establish the run against Georgia Tech. Now, Hokie fans are being critical of Stinespring for trying to throw the ball against a team that had the second-best rush defense in the league and 23rd-best rush defense in the country.
  • It's one thing to be critical of a guy when it's warranted. It's another to be critical for the sake of being critical. As for the play selection on Thursday, I'll wait until later this week when I've watched it and can make a more educated statement on it.
  • I do know Tyrod Taylor missed a lot of open receivers throughout the game. And North Carolina was giving him that man coverage he loves to throw against most of the game.
  • What I don't need to look at again is North Carolina's success on third down against our defense. Our guys just could not get a stop against the Tar Heels, a team that was one of the worst offenses in the country coming into the game.
  • The Tar Heels converted 10 of 19 third downs against us. That makes it tough to win games.
  • Another thing that makes it tough to win is when you cough up the ball on your own 30 late in a tied game. Tough for Williams, who has done so much to make this team as successful as it's been. I hope the experience will make him stronger.
  • G'night. Nine more hours of driving tomorrow.