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Week 5 ACC Power Poll

It took a while, but things finally got wacky in the ACC.

Week 5 ACC Power Poll
1. Virginia Tech
2. Miami
3. Georgia Tech
4. Boston College
5. Wake Forest
6. NC State
7. Clemson
8. Florida State
9. North Carolina
10. Maryland
11. Virginia
12. Duke

Week 5 Results

Virginia Tech 34, Duke 26
Virginia 16, North Carolina 3
Maryland 24, Clemson 21
Wake Forest 30, NC State 24
Boston College 28, Florida State 21
Georgia Tech 42, Mississippi State 31
Miami 21, Oklahoma 20

Week 6 Schedule
All Times Eastern
GamePlan Channels

Boston College at Virginia Tech, Noon, Raycom, DTV TBA
Indiana at Virginia, 3:30,
Georgia Southern at North Carolina, 3:30,
Duke at NC State, 4:00, ESPNU, DTV 614
Maryland at Wake Forest, 6:30,
Florida A&M at Miami, 7:00,
Georgia Tech at Florida State, 8:00, ESPN2, DTV 209

  • It was a crazy week in the Atlantic as the three teams considered to be in the bottom half of the division before the season all beat teams from the top half. That division is now a complete fustercluck with Maryland at the top, 1-0 in the ACC.
  • The Hokies struggled, but became the first time that I've put at the top of the ACC power poll to actually win that week.
  • Miami claimed the league's most impressive out of conference pelt by knocking off Oklahoma.
  • North Carolina is pretty awful.
  • The bottom three shuffles, as I'm sure it will throughout the year.