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An Unpaid Endorsement


Hi friends, furrer4heisman here for Fighting Cock Bourbon.

I've tried dozens of bourbons in my life, but let me tell you, I love The Cock. Nothing feels better going down my throat than The Cock.

And let me tell you, this is one powerful Cock. The Cock is 103 proof of bourbony goodness that really makes an impression when it's inside you.

But that doesn't mean you should be afraid of The Cock. No, all instead I urge all bourbon drinkers to follow in my footsteps and embrace The Cock. And embracing The Cock is truly a life-changing experience. Once you allow The Cock inside you, you will be changed forever. Your outlook on life will be different.

There are some people out there who will look down on my for loving The Cock. But those people are foolish and shortsighted. I say let he who is without bourbon cast the first bottle. No, to admonish me for loving The Cock is archaic. We live in a world where people shouldn't be in fear of admitting their love of The Cock.

I have seen the light. From here on, The Cock is the only one for me. I encourage you, the next time you're buying bourbon, reach out and grab The Cock!