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Virginia Tech vs. Boston College: Dissecting Hokies-Eagles with Eagle in Atlanta

ATL Eagle was nice enough to answer a few questions to preview this weekend's game. Despite living just as many miles away from his team as I do, he's able to produce one of the better BC blogs on the Series of Tubes. He's here to offer insight on a team the Hokies are playing for the fifth time in three years. Here are my answers to his questions.

Early in the year BC's offensive line struggled. How has its offensive line progressed and how close is it to being like the lines were used to seeing from BC?

If the past two games are any indication, the offensive line is back and as good as last year. The Florida State game was a clinic in that they opened up holes needed and for the most part gave Shinskie all the time he needed.

Earlier in the season and most noticeably against Clemson, the line had a series of breakdowns. I believe that the breakdowns came from the guys taking in too much information too soon. They were working in new styles and techniques after being a strictly zone team the past two years. It looks like the kinks were worked out or the scheme was simplified.

However, neither FSU or Wake came after BC like Clemson did. I expect Foster to bring lots of blitzes.

What kind of quarterback is David Shinskie? Who does he compare to among BC QBs we've seen in the ACC era (if any)?

It is hard to play the comparison game with Shinskie. He's still very raw and is 25. Physically he has a very strong and accurate arm like Matt Ryan. He's probably a little more athletic than you would predict by looking at him. He moves well in the pocket and has good balance. I have no idea about his ability to adjust and adapt yet or how good his football IQ will get.

The BC defense has surprised me a lot this year because of what it has lost due to illness, injury and graduation. What has been the key to the defense's early season success?

The LBs are young and inexperienced but have stepped up and been excellent. The brightest star is Luke Keuchly. He's a true freshmen and has played MLB and WLB at times this year.

The secondary is deep and talented.

The question mark is the front four. They are decent but not game breakers.

I think the success is also due to the coaching continuity. Spaz is now the head guy but we are running his program under Bill McGovern.

How is it that BC hasn't found a kicker better than Steve Aponavicius (damn, I almost go it on the first try, I had two 'O's) since were introduced to him in this game in 2006?

We have found them, they've just had issues. Two star kicking recruits left the team over "violation of team rules." We are redshirting a kicker now because Steve and our punter Quigley cover the duties nicely. Aponavicius won't be an NFL kicker, but he's been steady and a great story. It's hard not to root for him.