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Hokie Fans May Want to Start Rooting for Louisville

In the limited interaction I've had with Louisville's fan base (the 2005 Final Four) I've found them to have no redeeming value whatsoever. This is why I typically root against the Cardinals every chance I get. I'm sure their fan base is the same way thanks to Marcus Vick auditioning for Dancing With The Stars on Elvis Dumervil's knee.

But with we may need to hope Louisville starts winning football games and quickly. Because if the Cardinals keep on their death spiral and fire Steve Kragthorpe, there's a good chance they'll come after Bud Foster.

CGB was the first one to point out to me that Foster is a good fit for Louisville. It fits all of his criteria: BCS program, history of success, blah, blah, blah. And Louisville fans also think Foster would make a good candidate. UL is my hot hot sex of Card Chronicle has Foster on their short list, along with Tommy Tuberville and Phil Fulmer.

No head coaching experience but he's been one of the best defensive minds in college football for several years at Virginia Tech. I think his personality would be well-accepted but fans want a big name--someone proven at head coach--and Jurich may have to give them what they want if he hopes to fill the seats at the newly expanded stadium; has marginal ties to the state of Kentucky--born in Somerset; former player and asst coach at Murray State.

The good news is Foster isn't the only coach giving Card fans warm fuzzies as they dream of the day their school gets dekragged. There's also Jon Gruden and our old friend Jeff Jagodzinski. But the more I think about it, the more I think Foster makes sense at Louisville.

But Foster's biggest road block to getting the Louisville job may be Kragthorpe himself. I wonder how much Louisville AD Tom Jurich would be willing to hand the keys over to another relatively unknown up-and-coming coach after getting Kragthorped. I'd hope he'd rather get a guy with a proven track record rather than give Foster his chance.

But the point is moot if the Cardinals start winning football games and save Kragthorpe's job. Although the folks at Card Chronicle think that Kragthorpe is all but gone. When he does get his walking papers, we have to hope Louisville doesn't call Foster. It wouldn't take long before it realizes with the rest of us that he'd be a good fit as its head coach.