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Virginia Tech at Maryland: Q&A with Testudo Times

We haven't seen the Hokies play the Terps since 2005. So to get a better feel for the reeling Maryland team we'll see on Saturday, I turned to bbroman from SB Nation's Terp blog Testudo Times. My answers to his questions are hyah.

GC: Which of the losses this season has been the toughest to swallow this season and is this team really as bad as its record indicates?

TT: There hasn't been a single loss that was particularly easy to swallow, so this is a tough choice. At the time of the game, I felt worse about the Duke loss than any since or before, but it's clear that this Duke team isn't terrible. Looking back, I have to say Middle Tennessee State, simply because we lost to them last year in Murfreesboro. I was expecting revenge, and it didn't happen. Worse, we lost a series to a directional.

As for Maryland being as bad as the record indicates: no. They're worse. Both of Maryland's wins - one against James Madison in overtime, the other a squeaker against Clemson - came by 3 points. In both games, the opposing team's kicker had two makeable FG attempts that they missed. That's not to say this team is as bad as some of the winless Duke teams from earlier this decade, as all the games have been close, but they're not good.

How hot is Ralph Friedgen's seat right now as Maryland's head coach?

Short version - from the fans: pretty darn toasty. From the administration:...well...

Most fans are pretty fed up with the big man. Everyone appreciates what he did for this team, but he's lost his mojo, and it's painfully obvious.

Unfortunately, he has a rather hefty buyout, and Debbie Yow, for all she's done for the Olympic sports at Maryland, has been lax to move on some of the revenue sports. Her position is iffy, considering the economic conditions right now. And sadly, if she's not gung-ho on getting rid of the Fridge, Maryland's boosters are too basketball-centric to make it happen on their own.

What do you expect out of quarterback Jamarr Robinson in this game?

You're guess is as good as ours. He's a big question mark for us, too. The little that we do know is that he has a lot of athletic talent, quick feet, and a strong arm, though he's notoriously unfamiliar with the playbook and slower mentally. His mental shortcomings shouldn't matter too much - James Franklin should alter his playcalling a bit, and the pocket will collapse without seconds anyway. Robinson will either have a surprisingly good game and keep Maryland in it with his feet, or he'll be demolished and look lost. Neither would absolutely shock me.

We know Alex Wujciak (and his dreadlocks) is a beast, but give us another reason Hokie fans should be concerned about facing Maryland's defense.

First off, Wujciak gets a lot of credit around ACC circles for his tackles, as he deserves, but he's not nearly as good as his numbers indicate. Good, but not great or All-ACC worthy - he's not athletic enough or savvy enough against the pass for that.

Now, moving on to the question: Maryland can get to the QB when they want to. Don Brown tends to confuse even Maryland fans with his playcalling, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad (like not blitzing NCST at all). But if he decides to try to get to Tyrod Taylor, he will, probably with Demetrius Hartsfield, Adrian Moten, and Kenny Tate. If Taylor wants to keep VT going, he'll have to make quick decisions against what could be a soft secondary.

This game has been sold out for a while, but what percentage of Byrd Stadium do you think will be Hokie fans on Saturday? Are a lot of Terp fans dumping their tickets because of the way the season's gone?

I wouldn't be surprised if it was above 50%. Most Maryland fans got in it for basketball, not football. When the gridiron side of things starts going wrong, they have a terrible tendency to simply become apathetic about football. Calling this a road game might be a stretch.