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NCAA10 Sim: Hokies 42, Terps 35

Tyrod Taylor led a game-winning drive in the final minute and a half to help Virginia Tech fend off Maryland in a high-scoring affair in College Park, 42-35. Umd1_medium


Maryland marched down the field on the legs of Davin Meggett starting with just under four minutes to play. Meggett carried the Terps on his back carrying the ball on the five final plays of a 14-play touchdown drive with fewer than two minutes to play.


Maryland tied the game at 35, but left too much time on the clock for Taylor and the Hokies. Taylor went 6-for-7 passing on the game-winning drive including a 25 yard dump-off pass to Ryan Williams. With no timeouts remaining, the Hokies worked their way into the Maryland red zone to kick a field goal. However, Tech went for the score and Taylor hit Jarrett Boykin for an 8-yard strike to put the Hokies up for good.


Taylor and Maryland counterpart Chris Turner passed for big numbers and several touchdowns. Turner shined early in the first quarter with two touchdowns longer than 20 yards. The Hokies looked like they would struggle staying with the Terps until Dyrell Roberts returned a kickoff 102 yards for a touchdown to spark the Hokies.


Ryan Williams did not have a good day due to Taylor throwing the ball consistently. Williams amassed only 82 yards and one touchdown.


Umd2_medium Umd3_medium


VT       13        7          8          14        -42

UMD   14        7          7          7          -35


Scoring Summary

1st Quarter

VT:TD 3:40 J. Boykin, 1 Yd pass from T. Taylor (M. Waldron Kick)

UMD:TD         2:00 R. Tyler, 22 Yd pass from C. Turner (N. Ferrara Kick)

UMD:TD         0:37 T. Smith, 26 Yd pass from C. Turner (N. Ferrara Kick)

VT:TD 0:09 D. Roberts, returned kickoff 102 Yds (Missed Kick)

2nd Quarter

VT:TD 2:32 D. Roberts, 5 Yd pass from T. Taylor (M. Waldron Kick)

UMD:TD         2:05 T. Smith, returned kickoff 102 Yds (N. Ferrara Kick)

3rd Quarter

UMD:TD         2:51 D. Scott, 2 Yd run (N. Ferrara Kick)

VT:TD 2:54 R. Williams, 1 Yd run (2-Pt)

4th Quarter

VT:TD 3:22 G. Boone, 10 Yd pass from T. Taylor (M. Waldron Kick)

UMD:TD         1:30 D. Meggett, 1 Yd run (N. Ferrara Kick)

VT:TD 3:40 J. Boykin, 7 Yd pass from T. Taylor (M. Waldron Kick)


Significant Stats

First downs VT: 18 UMD: 20

Total Offense VT:385 UMD: 427

Turnovers VT: 0 UMD: 1 FUM,


Virginia Tech Top Player Stats

Passing: T. Taylor 24-36 for 296 yds, 4 TD

Rushing: R. Williams 19-for-82 yds, 1 TD

Receiving: J. Boykin 6-for-75 yds, 2 TD

Defense: C. Grimm 10 TAK


Maryland Top Player Stats

Passing: C. Turner 18-34 for 314 yds, 2 TD

Rushing: D. Scott 26-for-88 yds, 1 TD

Receiving: T. Smith 5-for-106 yds, 1 TD

Defense: T. Skinner 7 TAK, 1 DEFL